Pharmacoeconomic Guidelines: MERCOSUR (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay)

Country/Region: MERCOSUR (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay)
PE Guidelines


PE Guidelines Source:
Common Market of the Southern Cone (MERCOSUR): Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay.

Information current as of Monday, August 8, 2022

Key Features

Type of Guidelines PE Guidelines
Affiliation of authors
Purpose of the document To establish the procedures and methods to be used by analysts and researchers to produce, conduct, describe, report, and assess economic evaluations of health technologies in the member states.
Standard reporting format included Yes
Disclosure Yes
Target audience of funding/ author's interests Researchers who conduct EE and decision makers
Perspective Must be defined and reported. For decisions related to public policies, the preferred perspective should be the one of the public health system. Society perspective should include, all the direct costs of the production of the service/procedure, the times lost by the patients and their relatives, and the costs related to the loss of productivity and premature death.
Indication Not specified.
Target population Must be clearly specified which population groups or subgroups will benefit from the inclusion of the new technology (target population). The population included in the EE should be specified and fully described (sociodemographic characteristics according to the nature, progression or severity of the disease and the existence of comorbidities and/or other aggravating factors). If data on effectiveness was obtained from multiple sources of different populations, the report must provide a detailed description of the method used to arrive at the definition of the target population and to estimate of the effectiveness.
Subgroup analysis Yes
Choice of comparator Comparators must be relevant and cover all the usual alternatives to all proposed uses of the assessed technology.
Time horizon Must be mention and justified. For chronic diseases and conditions with significant differences in survival, the time horizon should be life expectancy. If a long term analysis is impossible, a shorter analysis should be justified and made using feasible data.
Assumptions required Not specified.
Preferred analytical technique There is no preference, the analytical technique should be justified and adequate to answer the research question.
Costs to be included Should be appropriate for the chosen perspective (direct health care costs, indirect costs, patient and family costs, productivity loss).
Source of costs Should be described and justified.
Modeling Modeling methodology should be described and justified, it must be possible to incorporate all relevant parameters and disease stages. Model must be flexible and adaptable.
Systematic review of evidences Not specified.
Preference for effectiveness over efficacy Yes
Preferred outcome measure Effectiveness
Preferred method to derive utility Should be described and justified.
Equity issues stated Yes. A detailed discussion should be included on the possible effects of the distribution of the health interventions or programs considered in different population groups, and other aspects related to equity in the allocation of resources.
Discounting costs Yes
Discounting outcomes Yes
Sensitivity analysis-parameters and range Should be described and justified.
Sensitivity analysis-methods Should be described and justified.
Presenting results Report has to be clear, transparent and detailed. The guideline describe the recommended format.
Incremental analysis Yes
Total costs vs effectiveness (cost/effectiveness ratio) Yes
Portability of results (Generalizability) Not specified.
Financial impact analysis BIA must be provided
Mandatory or recommended or voluntary Recommended


Ramiro Gilardino, MD, MSc, Director - Global Networks Latin America, ISPOR, Lawrenceville, NJ, USA and Lucila Rey Ares, MD MSc, Head of Medical Audit, Centro de Educación Médica e Investigación Clínica (CEMIC), Buenos Aires, Argentina contributed to the key feature form. Natalia Jorgensen, BEc, MSc, Associate Manager of Cost Assessment, Argentinean Health Superintendence, Buenos Aires, Argentina reviewed the guidelines for accuracy.
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