Pharmacoeconomic Guidelines: Cuba

Country/Region: Cuba
PE Guidelines
Methodological Guidelines for Health Economic Evaluation (2003)
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PE Guidelines Source:
Cuba Ministry of Health

Information current as of Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Key Features

Type of Guidelines PE Guidelines
Title and year of the document Methodological Guidelines for Health Economic Evaluation (2003)
Affiliation of authors Ministry of Public Health, Nevalat Project, National School of Public Health MA in Economics
Purpose of the document Provide recommendations for the conduction of studies to yield transparent, comparable, valid and credible results and facilitate researchers that have less experience in the subject with information on how to complete an economic evaluation.
Standard reporting format included Yes
Disclosure Yes
Target audience of funding/ author's interests To those who conduct PE evaluations or evaluate PE studies (decision-makers)
Perspective Society, government, patient perspective
Indication Approved Indication
Target population Clearly specified
Subgroup analysis When necessary
Choice of comparator Most prevalent treatment, most used treatment
Time horizon Yes, recommendations given.
Assumptions required Yes
Preferred analytical technique CBA, CEA, CMA, CUA
Costs to be included All relevant cost data should be clearly identified and explained in details.
Source of costs Must be referenced and identified to relate to the relevance of costs data (i.e. databases).
Modeling Yes
Systematic review of evidences Yes, encourage meta-analysis
Preference for effectiveness over efficacy Yes, effectiveness must be a part of every and all studies.
Preferred outcome measure Effectiveness
Preferred method to derive utility N/A
Equity issues stated Yes
Discounting costs Yes, use rates recommended by specific governement agencies.
Discounting outcomes Yes, rates explained.
Sensitivity analysis-parameters and range For all uncertain parameters, a plausible range must be defined for each parameter.
Sensitivity analysis-methods One-way, multi-way, probabilistic analysis when adequate.
Presenting results The results should be presented in a detailed, clear and transparent manner, so that if possible apply the findings within the country as well as in other countries.
Incremental analysis Yes
Total costs vs effectiveness (cost/effectiveness ratio) Yes
Portability of results (Generalizability) Yes
Financial impact analysis Yes
Mandatory or recommended or voluntary Recommended


Dr. Ana María Gálvez González, The National School of Public Health ( ENSAP ), Havana, Cuba contributed to this form. 
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