Looking Beyond Survival Data: Understanding the Value of Non-OS Endpoints in Oncology Reimbursement Decision-Making

Dec 2022

In this webinar, representatives from different stakeholder groups (patients, physicians, health economists and industry) will discuss the value of increasing the use of non-OS endpoints in reimbursement decision-making to their stakeholder groups. Using the example of multiple myeloma, the speakers will discuss how and when non-OS endpoints should be used, to support a future in which assessments of novel therapies are more fit-for-purpose.

Implications of Matched Adjusted Indirect Treatment Comparisons in Rare Disease

Jun 2021

A one-hour educational webinar on the implications of matched adjusted indirect treatment comparisons in rare disease, using SMA as an example. Webinar will provide both statistical and clinical perspective.

Challenges in Assessing the Clinical and Economic Value of Future Treatments for Alzheimer’s Disease

Feb 2021

This educational webinar will describe factors that affect the assessment of the clinical and economic value of medical innovations, highlight specific issues with relevance to the societal value of treatments for AD, and place these issues in the context of future health technology assessments for AD treatments.

Long Term Value Demonstration in Alzheimer’s Disease: Evidence Needs

Dec 2020

This educational webinar explores some of the key issues relating to long-term evidence needs within the context of HTA in AD and considers what can be done in the short, medium, and long term to address evidence needs.

Value Assessment in Alzheimer's Disease: A Focus on Equity

Nov 2020

This webinar will define how Alzheimer’s disease affects underserved communities; share opportunities to create more equitable, ethical, and inclusive value frameworks; and educate on the community’s role in solving this problem.

Valuing Future Alzheimer’s Disease Medicines: Extending the Paradigm

Oct 2020

This webinar seeks to explore some of these broader elements within the context of evolving value assessment and considers how they may meaningfully be incorporated to facilitate a more holistic approach to valuing medical innovation.

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