May 7: Introduction to Health Economics and Outcomes Research - In Person at ISPOR 2023

May 7, 2023

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Introduction to Health Economics and Outcomes Research

Economic Evaluation
8 Hours | Course runs 1 day

This short course is offered in-person at the ISPOR 2023 conference. Separate registration is required. Visit the ISPOR 2023 website to register and learn more.

Sunday, 7 May 2023 | Course runs 1 Day
8:00AM-5:00PM Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) 


This course is designed to teach clinicians and new researchers how to incorporate health economics into study design and data analysis. Participants first review the basic principles and concepts of health economic evaluations, then discuss how to collect and calculate the costs of different alternatives, determine the economic impact of clinical outcomes, and how to identify, track, and assign costs to different types of healthcare resources used. Different health economic models and techniques are demonstrated including cost-minimization, cost-effectiveness, cost-benefit, cost-utility, and budget impact analysis. Decision analysis, sensitivity analysis, and discounting are demonstrated and practiced. This course is suitable for those with little or no experience with health economics.

Registrants receive a digital course book. Copyright, Trademark and Confidentiality Policies apply.


Lorne Basskin, PharmD
Strategic Economics Ltd.
Cary, NC, USA

Basic Schedule:
8 Hours | Course runs 1 Day

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