Signal - Episode 7

June 21, 2022

Join us virtually on June 21 for the next Signal Series episode, "Interactional Creation of Health-Disease via Experience Ecosystems: Discovering New Sources and Views of Value.”

The Real Experience Revolution®: Towards a new empiricism of health

The ISPOR Signal Series welcomes Christopher Lawer, creator of Umio and the Umio Community, global advisor and educator, and author of Interactional Creation of Health: Experience Ecosystem Ontology, Task and Method, and Flow: A Short Guide to Real Experience Flow Creation® (forthcoming in May 2022).

Known for his original thinking and models of whole real experience and experience ecosystems, Chris will present a new “radical” empiricism of health and its interactional creation. Deploying a novel, wide definition of health set within real experience, this session will explore how we can better see real experiences with health, disease and illness, ask how and why do real experiences form, become different, and recur, and address the origin and persistence of health inequalities and disparities within social groups, places, communities and populations.

Daniel Pesut, Emeritus Professor of Nursing at the University of Minnesota will host a conversation with Chris around the implications of his thinking and method for health economics, value, and outcomes, for nursing and other key healthcare professions, and for creating health and preventing/addressing disease from the perspective of whole real experience and via trans-disciplinary models of purpose and action. It will address the shortcomings of the prevailing health and related social sciences and associated innovation/design and co-creation practices.

Learning Objectives

• Be introduced to a new radical theory and method of real experience with health-disease-illness
• Understand how using new frames of focal experience ecosystems helps to advance health-disease research, learning, strategy, and design practice for real impact
• Discover new definitions of health and value-creation set within a wider frame of real experience and their dynamic nature 
• Learn how Chris’ thinking addresses shortcomings of prevailing research, innovation, and design practices in the health sciences and especially personal digital health technologies
• Obtain practical advice on how to make compelling ecosystem-level market access and payer cases that satisfy multiple stakeholders … at scale, and with speed and scope


For an introduction to Chris’ thinking, see the short (6 minute) Umio film.

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