#ISPORian, Claim Your Digital Membership Badge!

We hope you are just as proud to be an ISPOR member as we are to have you be part of the ISPOR community! Our members are ISPOR; ISPOR is the heart of HEOR; and HEOR is the foundation for improving healthcare decisions.

To help you showcase your membership status, we have created a digital badge that you can display proudly on your social media platforms, email signature, resume, website, etc.

Digital badges are created for each year, and every year that you are a member you will be able to log into this page using your membership credentials and download that year’s badge.

Receive additional exposure and visual recognition of your membership and contribution to the HEOR community. Download your badge today and show it off to your networks!

NOTE: We so ask that you refrain from manipulating the badge in any way (it has been specifically developed with ISPOR brand elements in mind) and that you do not misuse the badge. Our members are the heart of ISPOR and of the HEOR field, and ISPOR relies on its members to accurately represent the value of the Society and membership in the Society.

Download Your Badge

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