Health Preference Research and Value Assessment Frameworks in Digital Health Interventions


Moderator: Axel Christian Mühlbacher, PhD, MBA, Health Economics & Healthcare Management, Hochschule Neubrandenburg, Neubrandenburg, MV, Germany
Speakers: Panos Kanavos, PhD, Medical Technology Research Group, London School of Economics and Political Science, London, UK; Katarzyna Kolasa, PhD, PAREXEL and Kozminski University, Warsaw, MZ, Poland; Volker Amelung, PhD, Private Institute of Applied Health Service Research (inav GmbH), Hannover, Germany

This forum delves into the role of patient preference information (PPI) within a value assessment framework (VAF). It will focus on the acceptance of digital health technologies (DHTs) and the patient-centered valuation of patient-facing technologies.

DHTs are revolutionizing healthcare delivery through innovative solutions that improve patient outcomes. However, understanding and integrating patients' preferences pose a significant challenge for the successful valuation and implementation of DHTs.

In this context, patient preferences play an instrumental role in shaping the contours of VAFs. Consequently, these frameworks prioritize outcomes that are directly relevant and meaningful to patients. Furthermore, patient preferences can lead towards greater acceptability and adoption of DH interventions.

Therefore, the seamless incorporation of VAFs into broader health policy strategies becomes essential. A primary obstacle in this process is to strike the delicate balance between swift decision-making processes, the solidity of scientific evidence supporting DH interventions, and the diversity required as DH solutions should cater to a wide array of patient preferences and abilities.

Recognizing that all stakeholders have unique perspectives, success in this field can most likely be achieved through a negotiation process. Consequently, it is of the utmost importance to initially assess patient preferences, develop robust VAFs, and then pinpoint a politically feasible strategy for implementation.

Dr. Mühlbacher, a preference research expert, and Dr. Kolasa, with her multi-stakeholder roles in healthcare and DH experience will spearhead a discussion focused on the elicitation and integration of patient preference data in the valuation of DHT. As an international health policy expert, Dr. Kanavos will share his perspective on VAFs employed to evaluate provider-facing DHTs. Lastly, Dr. Amelung, former president of the German Managed Care Association (BMC) and Professor, Health System Research at the Medical University Hannover will provide a unique perspective on the valuation and implementation of DHTs in Germany

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Conference/Value in Health Info

2023-11, ISPOR Europe 2023, Copenhagen, Denmark




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