Value Assessment Frameworks in Latin America: “Il buono, il brutto e il cattivo

Published Feb 21, 2022

Diego Guarin, MD, MPH, MSc,* Homero Monsanto, PhD,* Ramiro Gilardino, MD, MHS, MSc,* Maria Camila Bustos Marquez, MD, MPH, Heidy Caceres, MD, MSc, Yira Diaz-Toro, MSc, Diana Sanchez Tovar, MSc, Rafael Alfonso-Cristancho, MD, PhD, MSc

Affiliations: Merck & Co, Kenilworth, NJ, USA (Guarin, Monsanto); Healthcare Consultancy Group, Zurich, Switzerland (Gilardino); Amgen, Bogota, Colombia (Bustos Marquez); Amgen Inc, Thousand Oaks, CA, USA (Caceres); MSD Colombia, Bogota, Colombia (Diaz-Toro); GlaxoSmithKline, Mexico City, Mexico (Tovar); GlaxoSmithKline, Collegeville, PA, USA (Alfonso-Cristancho)

In the last decade, countries in Latin America (LATAM) have been pursuing the strengthening of HTA processes, incorporating more stakeholders (regulators, payers, clinicians, and patients) and elements of value. Implementation of appropriate Value Assessment Frameworks (VAF) within HTA processes is especially relevant for these countries where the healthcare systems are mainly financed with public resources and require substantial out-of-pocket spending from patients. VAF must reflect value attributes of interest for a society, and these should be assessed through a rigorous and traceable methodology for them to become objective tools informing coverage and reimbursement that improve healthcare decision making in a transparent, equitable, reliable, and sustainable process.

We aimed to describe the available VAF in LATAM. We performed a dual approach with a systematic review and surveys to ISPOR Latin America Industry Committee members, to identify currently available VAF. Once selected, independent reviewers, assessed each framework. We assessed 7 of 9 VAF in the region, excluding 2 that were not currently in use. These VAF assessed in Latin America, we described different opportunities to improve dimensions, methods, and scope. Addressing these issues will strengthen these VAF for policy and clinical decision making. Please read the full article here.

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