Health Economics of Vaccines: From Current Practice to Future Perspectives

Cost-Effectiveness of Quadrivalent Versus Trivalent Influenza Vaccination in the Dutch National Influenza Prevention Program

Consultations for Influenza-Like Illness in Primary Care in The Netherlands: A Regression Approach

Cost-Effectiveness of Pediatric Influenza Vaccination in The Netherlands

Cost-Effectiveness of Routine Childhood Vaccination Against Seasonal Influenza in Germany

Integrating Alternative Social Value Judgments Into Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Vaccines: An Application to Varicella-Zoster Virus Vaccination

What We Know Now: An Economic Evaluation of Chickenpox Vaccination and Dose Timing Using an Agent-Based Model

Informing Global Cost-Effectiveness Thresholds Using Country Investment Decisions: Human Papillomavirus Vaccine Introductions in 2006-2018

What We Do Not Know About the Costs of Immunization Programs in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

Costs of Immunization Programs for 10 Vaccines in 94 Low- and Middle-Income Countries From 2011 to 2030

Economic Benefits of Immunization for 10 Pathogens in 94 Low- and Middle-Income Countries From 2011 to 2030 Using Cost-of-Illness and Value-of-Statistical-Life Approaches

Evaluating Vaccination Programs That Prevent Diseases With Potentially Catastrophic Health Outcomes: How Can We Capture the Value of Risk Reduction?

Cost-Effectiveness of 4CMenB Infant Vaccination in England: A Comprehensive Valuation Considering the Broad Impact of Serogroup B Invasive Meningococcal Disease

Economic Evaluation of Vaccines: Belgian Reflections on the Need for a Broader Perspective

How to Prevent Vaccines Falling Victim to Their Own Success: Intertemporal Dependency of Incidence Levels on Indirect Effects in Economic Reevaluations


Opioid Misuse


Nutrition Economics


Covid 19

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