Cost-Utility Study of PCV13 Versus PPSV23 in Adults in Chile



Pneumococcal infections are a public health problem in older adults. In Chile there are two vaccines at this time, PPSV23 and PCV13. The first has lower immunogenicity and effectiveness in preventing pneumococcal pneumonia and a lower cost than PCV13.


To determine the cost-effectiveness of PCV13 versus PPSV23 in adults 18 years old and over in the Chilean Health System.

Material and Method

A cost-utility study was performed using the Markov model (population data for a time horizon of 10 years). Utilities and epidemiological data were obtained from the literature and costs from the Chilean Public sector. Vaccine's costs and quality-adjusted life years (QALYs) were determined and compared.


PCV13 vaccination program in adults (≥18 years), generated savings of $42,195 USD and an increase of 6,820 QALYs, avoiding 107 cases of bacteremia, 13 meningitis, 6,706 inpatient pneumonia, 4,509 outpatient pneumonia and 1,189 deaths compared to PPSV23 without variation on sensitivity analysis on high impact variables. For the subgroup of patients over 65 years old PCV13 generates savings of $ 32,105.94USD and produces 5,430 QALYs more compared to PPSV23.


PCV13 is dominant. A PCV13 vaccination program saves costs to the public system, reduces mortality and morbidity; these results are robust.


Leandro Biagini Marcela Pezzani Ruben Rojas Francisca Fuentealba

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