Unlocking the Potential of Open Source Models: Strategies to Navigate Barriers in Development and Adoption


Moderator: Renée JG Arnold, PharmD, RPh, National Institutes of Health/NHLBI and BioHealth Innovation, Inc., Bethesda, MD, USA
Speakers: Dan Ollendorf, PhD, Institute for Clinical and Economic Review, Boston, MA, USA; Rob M. Boer, PhD, Abbvie, Irvine, CA, USA; Elisabeth Anne Louise Fenwick, PhD, OPEN Health Communications, London, LON, UK

Health economic (HE) models serve as essential tools for guiding healthcare policy decisions, yet they are often perceived as 'black boxes,' susceptible to errors and biases. Our recent research, based on a comprehensive survey of ISPOR members, sheds light on the utilization of Open Source Models (OSMs) and the obstacles obstructing their development and implementation. A consensus emerged, revealing that OSMs have the potential to enhance transparency, credibility, reusability, and confidence in HE models. However, a range of challenges, including legal concerns and data transfer issues, have been identified as roadblocks to their incorporation into regulatory submissions and clinical decision-making processes. Nevertheless, the adoption and endorsement of OSMs by key stakeholders can substantially propel their utilization for these compelling reasons.

In this forum, we will explore innovative approaches to surmounting these barriers associated with OSMs, offering three distinct viewpoints. Dr. Elisabeth Fenwick will represent the academic/consultant perspectives, considering these individuals are often employed, via their affiliated institutions, to provide many of the models designated by the pharmaceutical industry. Dr. Daniel Ollendorf, representing the de facto health technology assessment (HTA) authority in the United States, will elaborate on the HTA perspective regarding OSMs. Dr. Rob Boer will provide insights into the pharmaceutical industry's standpoint on OSMs. The discussion will be enriched with an interactive Q&A session, fostering dynamic engagement and knowledge exchange.

Conference/Value in Health Info

2024-05, ISPOR 2024, Atlanta, GA, USA




Methodological & Statistical Research

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