Published Jun 20, 2016
2015 Impact Factor Score Jumps By 16.6%  Princeton, NJ—June 20, 2016—New data released by Thomson Reuters' Journal Citation Reports show that Value in Health is ranked as one of the top journals in the health policy and sciences category, ranking 3rd among 74 journals in the field. This year's data show that Value in Health's impact factor score has increased by 16.6% to 3.824. This is the third year in a row that the journal has shown double-digit growth in the percentage of improvement in its impact factor score. Considered by many as the measure of a journal's overall reputation and credibility, Journal Citation Reports’ impact factor data track how frequently a particular journal's articles are cited by other researchers in the field. Because citation patterns require time to develop and analyze, the 2015 impact factor scores are typically released in June of the following year. The calculation is derived by dividing the number of articles a journal has published in the previous two years by the number of citations those articles receive in the study year. The resultant score—aptly referred to as an "impact factor"—reflects the scientific impact those articles (and by extension, the journal) has in its field. Value in Health, the official journal of the Society, publishes scientific content in the field of health economics and outcomes research (HEOR). The journal is led by Editors-in-Chief Michael Drummond, MCom, DPhil (University of York, United Kingdom) and C. Daniel Mullins, PhD (University of Maryland, Baltimore, USA). Under their direction and leadership, the journal has consistently improved in its overall impact and ranking in the field. Based on the 2015 Journal Citation Reports data, Value in Health ranked 3rd of 74 journals in the health policy and sciences category (up from 7th), 8th of 87 journals in the health care sciences and services category (up from 13th), and 10th of 344 journals in the economics category (up from 14th). ISPOR Chief Science Officer Richard Willke, PhD said, “This accomplishment is a tribute to the leadership of the journal’s Editors-in-Chief, Professors Drummond and Mullins, and the entire team of editors and editorial board members. Achieving this kind of year-over-year growth and success is not just good for the journal—it’s good for authors. These citation data have consistently shown that Value in Health is a credible, high-impact journal for health economics and outcomes researchers.”


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