CHEERS 2022: Global Expert Panel Publishes Updated Consolidated Health Economic Evaluation Reporting Standards

Published Jan 11, 2022

New Expanded Report Provides Guidance to Improve Reporting of Economic Evaluations of Health Interventions

Value in Health has published CHEERS 2022Lawrenceville, NJ, USA—January 11, 2022—Value in Health, the official journal of ISPOR—The Professional Society for Health Economics and Outcomes Research, announced today the publication of updated standards for reporting health economics research. The report, “Consolidated Health Economic Evaluation Reporting Standards 2022 Explanation and Elaboration: A Report of the ISPOR Economic Evaluation Guidelines Good Research Practices Task Force II,” is published in the January 2022 issue of Value in Health. The new CHEERS 2022 statement replaces previous CHEERS reporting guidance.

Economic evaluations of health interventions are comparative analyses of alternative courses of action in terms of their costs and consequences. These evaluations can provide valuable information to healthcare decision makers about choices that affect health and the use of resources, such as the adoption of new drugs, devices, or procedures. Economic evaluations, however, present a reporting challenge due to the substantial information that must be conveyed to allow scrutiny of study findings. This presents the need for reporting guidance to help authors, journal editors, and peer reviewers in their identification and interpretation of economic evaluations. The CHEERS report provides healthcare stakeholders with guidance and a checklist to improve reporting.

“We and the other authors believe that this update of the CHEERS guidelines will be useful to those who need to identify, prepare, and interpret reports of health economic evaluations,” said task force chairs Don Husereau, BScPharm, MSc and Michael F. Drummond, MCom, DPhil. “Despite the promotion and increased number of available health economic evaluations, as well as the availability of the original CHEERS guidance in multiple languages, there is still some indication CHEERS could be more widely and appropriately used.”

The original CHEERS report and summary statements that were published in 2013 have been cited more than 2700 times in 9 years, making it the most highly cited of all ISPOR Good Practices Reports. The scope of CHEERS 2022 has been expanded to include all major types of economic evaluation (cost-effectiveness analysis, cost benefit analysis, and models).

The new 28-item checklist in the CHEERS 2022 report includes 4 substantially new items: (1) a health economics analysis plan, (2) a characterization of distributional effects, (3) an approach to engage with patients and others affected by the study, and (4) the impact of engagement with patients and others affected by the study.

As part of the roll-out of the new guidance, the ISPOR CHEERS II Good Practices Task Force will present a webinar on January 26, 2022, at 10:00AM EST. This webinar, led by the task force co-chairs, will focus on the main changes from the original CHEERS and provide a quick live demonstration on how to use the new guidance document. The webinar will also discuss how a patient and public participation group was involved in the revision process, the resources being developed to support CHEERS 2022, the proposals for its dissemination, and the involvement of a wide range of journals in the publication of the report. During the webinar, participants will have the opportunity to comment on the new recommendations and other topics, such as whether CHEERS 2022 would benefit from a series of user guides for the various users of published economic evaluations.

“This new reporting guidance will help authors provide accurate information on which health interventions are being compared and in what context, how the evaluation was undertaken, what the findings are, and other details that will aid readers, reviewers, and decision makers in the interpretation and use of studies,” said Drummond and Husereau. “The CHEERS 2022 reporting standards present a call to action and opportunity for the health economic community to develop comprehensive and clear reports of health economic evaluations.”

Additional information on CHEERS 2022 can be found here. Additional information on ISPOR’s Good Practices Reports and other ISPOR Reports can be found here.



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