ISPOR Patient Council


ISPOR has been committed to engaging patients as a key constituency since 2012 when the Society first invited patient representatives to participate in the Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Roundtable held during their 17th Annual International Meeting. The Society launched its Patient Representatives Roundtables initiative at its 2013 Annual European Congress. Since then, ISPOR has held annual Patient Representatives Roundtables in North America and Europe. The Society hosted its first Patient Roundtable in Latin America in September 2017 and is planning its first for Asia-Pacific in 2018. The Society introduced a patient membership category in 2015 that includes special member benefits, such as discounted membership and conference registration rates and travel grants. ISPOR also has established a Patient Centered Special Interest Group that has an active working group on Patient Engagement in Research.


The mission of the ISPOR Patient Council is to determine how best to engage patient representatives in research and decision making processes and in ISPOR strategy.

  • As a Council, serve as an advisory group to the ISPOR Board of Directors
  • Build a ‘network’ to support regional ISPOR Roundtables and to share issues and recommendations
  • Understand research issues and concerns of patients globally
  • Contribute to the development and implementation of patient initiatives
  • Maintain a pipeline of patient representatives to support ISPOR’s activities such as ISPOR Committees, Task Forces, Special Interest Groups, and Regional Consortia, Chapters and Networks
Membership and Structure

Membership and Structure

The ISPOR Patient Council will be composed of the following:

  • Chair
  • Chair-elect
  • Chairs of each regional roundtable (North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia-Pacific and MEA)

Qualifications for Patient Council leadership include:

  • Patient representative
  • Participated in Patient Representatives Roundtables for 2 consecutive years
  • Has been involved or conducted research that relates to patient engagement

The council will also include at least five advisory members (i.e. key opinion leaders from EPF, NHC, PCORI, or similar organizations as needed)

Qualifications for advisory members include:

  • Expertise in patient research
  • ISPOR member
  • Invited experts from different stakeholders, such as, academic, payers, industry, government, and HTA, when necessary

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