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An ISPOR Task Force is initiated to develop consensus guideline reports on good practice standards for outcomes research (clinical, economic, and patient-reported outcomes) and on the use of this research in health care decision making. All task force reports are published in the Society's scientific journal, Value in Health. Please see the ISPOR Good Practices for Outcomes Research webpage for a list of published task force reports and those in development. All are available to the public.

An ISPOR Good Practices for Outcomes Research Task Force is comprised of a small, active leadership group of experts in the field (ISPOR members or non-members) representing different stakeholders and work environments. The leadership group is selected by the task force chair(s) to coauthor the report. A larger task force review group provides comments and feedback on drafts of the report. The review group is composed of any ISPOR member who is knowledgeable and/or interested in the topic. Once the task force report is published, the task force is dissolved.

To initiate an ISPOR Good Practices Task Force, use the task force proposal format and submit it to: The proposal is reviewed by the ISPOR Scientific and Health Policy Initiatives department then evaluated by the ISPOR Health Science Policy Council. The Council meets via teleconference to discuss the proposal. Council members either suggest revisions or recommend the proposal for approval. The ISPOR Board of Directors reviews the recommendation and proposal. It either approves or approves Priority task force topics have been identified for development by the ISPOR Vision 2020 Research Committee.

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