Novel Approaches to Value Assessment Beyond the Cost-Effectiveness Framework


While the earlier plenary session proposed extending the quality-adjusted life-year (QALY) framework to address some of the concerns surrounding the use of the cost-per-QALY framework in coverage decisions, this session considers how certain broader approaches to value assessment could be used when evaluating technologies. Shelby Reed moderated the session. Robert Dubois presented his arguments that today's frameworks do not adequately capture what matters to patients, providing some suggestions for improvement. F. Reed Johnson laid out his argument for returning to cost-benefit analysis (CBA) and monetizing benefits. Jaime Caro discussed his alternative to a QALY—the burden augmented by deadliness and impact (BADI). The session closed with Charles Phelps presenting his thoughts on nonmarket valuation, including recent developments in the application of multiple criteria decision analysis (MCDA).


Shelby D. Reed Robert W. Dubois F. Reed Johnson J. Jaime Caro Charles E. Phelps

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