Reimbursement Coverage Decision Making for Digital Health Technologies in South Korea: Does It Fit the Value Framework Used in Traditional Medical Technologies? [Editor's Choice]



The introduction of digital health technologies (DHTs) that have the potential to improve health outcomes and lower the costs of healthcare services has seen an explosion in recent years. Indeed, the expectation that these innovative technologies can ultimately fill a gap in the patient-healthcare provider model of care with the hope of bending the continuously increasing healthcare expenditure curve has not yet been realized in many countries including South Korea (from herein referred to as Korea). We examine reimbursement coverage decision making status for DHTs in South Korea.


We examine the regulatory landscape, health technology assessment process, and reimbursement coverage determination for DHTs in Korea.


We identified the specific challenges and opportunities for reimbursement coverage of DHTs.


To ensure DHTs can be used effectively in medical practice, a more flexible and nontraditional approach to assessment, reimbursement, and payment determination is required.


Jae-Eun Myung Liesl Strachan Jaeyong Shin Jaejun Yim Sang-Soo Lee

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