Health Technology Assessment and Its Use in Drug Policies: Singapore



Singapore has a robust health care system that is well known for delivering good health outcomes. In the public health care sector, subsidies and financial assistance are provided for drugs listed on the Standard Drug List and Medication Assistance Fund. Additional financing mechanisms are also available to provide further support for patients in need.

Role of HTA

National HTA efforts are currently focused on informing subsidy decision making and improving patient access to cost-effective drugs. The Agency for Care Effectiveness (ACE) was established in 2015 to support the Ministry of Health Drug Advisory Committee make evidence-based recommendations for the public funding of drugs. Standardized HTA methods and processes have been developed in line with international best practice to ensure that ACE’s evaluations are conducted in a consistent and robust manner. Since ACE’s establishment, subsidies are now provided earlier within a drug’s life cycle, and value-based pricing has led to more cost-effective prices being negotiated with companies to improve affordability for patients and the public health care system.


To achieve greater impact, Singapore needs to expand its HTA capacity beyond subsidy decision making and drive appropriate care in a sustainable manner for future generations.


Fiona Pearce Liang Lin Elaine Teo Kwong Ng Daphne Khoo

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