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Dynamic Health Economic and Outcomes Research in Emerging Markets of the Asia Pacific Region
Jeff Jianfei Guo, Vivian WY Lee, Shu-Chuen Li, Nan Luo, Asrul Akmal Shafie, Ming-Chin Yang




New Drug Reimbursement and Pricing Policy in Taiwan
Gau-Tzu Chen, Shu-Chen Chang, Chee-Jen Chang

Recent Pricing Negotiations on Innovative Medicines Pilot in China: Experiences, Implications, and Suggestions
Hong Li, Gordon G. Liu, Jing Wu, Jiu-Hong Wu, Chao-Hui Dong, Shan-Lian Hu


Health Technology Assessment and Its Use in Drug Policies in China
Xuemei Zhen, Xueshan Sun, Hengjin Dong




How Much Does Management of an Asthma-Related Event Cost in a Malaysian Suburban Hospital?
Yee Vern Yong, Asrul Akmal Shafie


Possibility of Database Research as a Means of Pharmacovigilance in Japan Based on a Comparison With Sertraline Post-Marketing Surveillance
Yoko Hirano, Yuko Asami, Kazuhiko Kuribayashi, Shigeru Kitazaki, Yuji Yamamoto, Yoko Fujimoto



Modeling Possible Inclusion of Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine into the National Immunization Program for Infants in India
Canna Ghia, Matt Wasserman, Mark Fletcher, Ray Farkouh, Gautam Rambhad


Cost-Effectiveness of Warfarin Medication Therapy Adherence Clinic versus Usual Medical Clinic at Kuala Lumpur Hospital
Subramaniam Thanimalai, Asrul Akmal Shafie, Mohamed Azmi Ahmad Hassali, Jeyaindran Sinnadurai


The Cost and Quality of Life of Malaysian Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease and Anemia
Soraya Azmi, Adrian Goh, Noor Azimah Muhammad, Hizlinda Tohid, Mohd Radzniwan A. Rashid


Resource Use and Cost of Treating Human Papillomavirus-Related Lesions in Japanese Women
Akiko Mizukami, Toshihiko Kaise, Georges Van Kriekinge


Cost Effectiveness of a Community-Delivered Consultation to Improve Infant Sleep Problems and Maternal Well-Being
Sopany Saing, Bonny Parkinson, Jody Church, Stephen Goodall


Excess Hospitalization Expenses Attributable to Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Singapore
May Ee Png, Joanne Yoong, Chuen Seng Tan, Kee Seng Chia


Cost Effectiveness Analysis of the Introduction of Human Papillomavirus Vaccination of 9 Year-Old-Girls in Iran
Mohsen Yaghoubi, Marzieh Nojomi, Atefeh Vaezi, Vida Erfani, Susan Mahmoudi, Khadijeh Ezoji, Seyed Mohsen Zahraei, Irtaza Chaudhri, Maziar Moradi-Lakeh


Cost-Effectiveness of Sorafenib Monotherapy and Selected Combination Therapy with Sorafenib in Patients with Advanced Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Jung-Chen Ho, Meng-Lun Hsieh, Po-Heng Chuang, Vivian Chia-Rong Hsieh


Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Renin-Angiotensin Aldosterone System Blockade in Progression of Chronic Kidney Disease
Oraluck Pattanaprateep, Atiporn Ingsathit, Mark McEvoy, John Attia, Ammarin Thakkinstian


Evaluation of the Long-Term Impact of Improving Care for People With Type 2 Diabetes in China
Limin Wang, Qing Ye, Ole Kjerkegaard Nielsen, Anne Gadegaard, William J. Valentine, Barnaby Hunt, Linhong Wang




Health Expenditure Growth Under Single-Payer Systems: Comparing South Korea and Taiwan
Shou-Hsia Cheng, Hyun-Hyo Jin, Bong-Min Yang, Robert H. Blank




Cultural Adaptation and Linguistic Validation of the Beliefs About Medicines Questionnaire in Malaysia
Ching Siang Tan, Mohamed Azmi Ahmad Hassali, Chin Fen Neoh, Fahad Saleem, Robert Horne



Health-Related Quality of Life of Patients With Human Papillomavirus-Related Cancers in Indonesia
Didik Setiawan, Arrum Dusafitri, Githa Fungie Galistiani, Antoinette D.I. van Asselt, Maarten J. Postma


Health-Related Quality of Life and Functional Ability of Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis: A Study from a Tertiary Care Hospital in Thailand
Ratree Munchey, Tipaporn Pongmesa




A Comparison of EQ-5D-3L Index Scores Using Malaysian, Singaporean, Thai, and United Kingdom Value Sets in Indonesian Patients With Cervical Cancer
Dwi Endarti, Arthorn Riewpaiboon, Montarat Thavorncharoensap, Naiyana Praditsitthikorn, Raymond Hutubessy, Susi Ari Kristina


Health Utility of Pregnant Women Living with HIV/AIDS: Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV Programs in Yunnan Province: A Cross-Sectional Study
Xiaowen Wang, Guangping Guo, Xiumin Liang, Ling Zhou, Jiarui Zheng, Shaoqin Li, Hongzhuan Luo, Yuyan Yang, Liyuan Yang, Ting Tan, Jun Yu, Lin Lu




The Economic Costs of Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes Mellitus, and Associated Complications in South Asia: A Systematic Review
Ian F. Walker, Frederike Garbe, Judy Wright, Ian Newell, Naveen Athiraman, Nida Khan, Helen Elsey


A Review of Studies of Quality of Life for Chinese-Speaking Patients With Ischemic Heart Disease
Luan Luan, Hao Hu, Shu-Chuen Li


Evaluation of Quality of Pharmacoeconomic Studies in Asia Pacific Region and Identification of Influencing Variables
Prabhakar Pandey, Rishabh Dev Pandey, Vatsal Shah


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Volume 14 (December 2017) focusing on Latin America
Volume 13 (October 2017) focusing on CEEWAA
Volume 12 (May 2017) focusing on Asia


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Aleš Tichopád Aleš Tichopád, PhD, Kantar Health s.r.o., Prague, Czech Republic

Cost Burden of Severe Community–Acquired Rotavirus Gastroenteritis Requiring Hospitalization in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, and Hungary: A Retrospective Patient Chart Review

ViHRI - Latin America

Ivan Mauricio Muńoz-Galindo Ivan Mauricio Muñoz-Galindo, RN, MSc, National Health Risk Management, EPS Salud Total, Bogotá D.C. Colombia

Cost-Effectiveness of a Care Program for HIV/AIDS Patients Affiliated with a Health Insurer in Colombia, Comparing Three Health Care Providers Nationwide.

ViHRI - Asia

Fei-Li Zhao, PhD Fei-Li Zhao, PhD, MSc, BPharm, Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Health Economics Research and Evaluation (CHERE), Business School, University of Technology Sydney (UTS), Australia

Burden of Disease Studies in the Asia-Paific Region: Are There Enough being Performed to Provide for Evidence-Based Health Policy?

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