Expected Cost of an FDA-Authorized Prescription Digital Therapy for Children with ADHD


Cherry L1, Magar R2
1AHRM Inc., Buffalo, NY, USA, 2AHRM Inc., Raleigh, NC, USA

OBJECTIVES: Digital therapeutics which are primarily used to prevent, manage, and treat disease, offer new ways to deliver and receive health care and represent a growing range of potential products. An FDA-authorized medical device EndeavorRx (EndRx) is an ADHD Treatment for children 8 to 12 years old, delivered through a video game on mobile devices. A simulation model was developed to estimate the expected cost of EndRx when incorporated into standard care which includes stimulants (Stim) and CBT.

METHODS: A decision tree model was developed with a 1-year time horizon from the payer perspective. Six treatment arms were included: EndRx, Stim, EndRx+Stim, Stim+CBT, Stim with the addition of EndRx, Stim and switch to a branded Stim. Billed charge data was taken from the New Hampshire All-Payer Claims database. Rates for Stim success and switching was based on the literature. Generic pricing for Stim was used unless there was a switch to a branded Stim.

RESULTS: A probabilistic sensitivity analysis of 10,000 iterations resulted in the following expected cost means and [95% CI] for each arm: EndRx $2050 [$2042, $2058], Stim $2878 [$2857, $2901], EndRx + Stim $4387 [$4363, $4411], Stim+ CBT $5507 [$5471, $5543], generic stim add EndRx $2869 [$2855, $2883], generic stim switch to branded stim$2862 [$2840, $2885].

CONCLUSIONS: In all scenarios evaluated, EndRx resulted in either cost savings or similar costs as was the case when comparing a generic stimulant switch to a branded stimulant ($2862) or adding EndRx to a generic stimulant ($2869). EndRx provides patients, prescribers and payers another option for treating ADHD in children without increasing costs or concern of side effects as with stimulants.

Conference/Value in Health Info

2023-05, ISPOR 2023, Boston, MA, USA

Value in Health, Volume 26, Issue 6, S2 (June 2023)




Clinical Outcomes, Economic Evaluation, Medical Technologies, Study Approaches

Topic Subcategory

Clinical Outcomes Assessment


Neurological Disorders, No Additional Disease & Conditions/Specialized Treatment Areas

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