Actual Use in Real World Setting of Anti-BCMA CAR T Cells in Relapsed/Refractory Multiple Myeloma in EU5 Countries and in the US


Maï C1, Blin N2, Ertl S3, Schneider E4, Leberre M4, Yilmaz M5, Vidal M1
1AplusA Real World, Lyon, France, 2Nantes University Hospital, Nantes, France, 3AplusA, London, UK, 4AplusA, Lyon, France, 5AplusA, Lyon, 69, France

OBJECTIVES: Describe Ide-cel and Cilta-cel multiple myeloma (MM) patients' characteristics, indications in the real world setting in EU5 countries and in the US.

METHODS: 11,430 anonymous MM patient charts were reported by onco-haematologists in EU5 countries and in the US in Q4 2022 and Q1 2023.

205 unique patients received an Anti-BCMA CAR T cells treatment.

RESULTS: A total of 205 unique patients were included in the analysis: 119 received Ide-cel in either 3rd (8 patients), 4th (58 patients) or 5th line of therapy (53 patients).

Treatment with Cilta-cel was prescribed in 86 unique patients with 12 in 3rd line, 36 in 4th line and 38 in 5th line.

In the US, 94 patients received an Anti-BCMA CAR T cell, in Europe, 52 in FR, 38 in DE, 9 in ES and 9 in the UK, 3 in IT

Patients' median age is 63.2 years in the Ide-cel group and 64.9 years in the Cilta-cel group. Most patients treated had an ECOG status of 0-1 (82% for Ide-cel and 70% for Cilta-cel), ISS stage was III (high) (61% with Ide-cel and 57% with Cilta-cel) and cytogenetic profile was high risk in 32% with Ide-cel and 32% with Cilta-cel.

At time of treatment initiation, most patients had at least one comorbidity: mild renal failure (28% with Ide-cel and 22% with Cilta-cel), high blood pressure (39% with Ide-cel and 37% with Cilta-cel) or cardiac dysfunction (5% with Ide-cel and 4% with Cilta-cel).

CONCLUSIONS: In this real-world analysis with patients recently treated with either Ide-cel or Cilta-cel for R/R MM, patients characteristics and number of prior lines of therapy were consistent with the population of patients enrolled in the phase II KarMMa and CARTITUDE-1 clinical trials.

Despite recent results of phase III trials (KarMMa-3 and CARTITUDE-4) there is important heterogeneity in treatment use across EU5 countries.

Conference/Value in Health Info

2023-11, ISPOR Europe 2023, Copenhagen, Denmark

Value in Health, Volume 26, Issue 11, S2 (December 2023)




No Additional Disease & Conditions/Specialized Treatment Areas, Oncology

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