New Editors-in-Chief Appointed for ISPOR’s Value & Outcomes Spotlight Magazine

Published Aug 4, 2020

The Start of a New Era for ISPOR’s HEOR News Magazine

Value & Outcomes Spotlight Editors-in-ChiefLawrenceville, NJ, USA—August 4, 2020—ISPOR, the professional society for health economics and outcomes research (HEOR), announced today the appointment of 2 new Editors-in-Chief for its HEOR news magazine, Value & Outcomes Spotlight. Longtime members and leaders, Zeba M. Khan, RPh, PhD (former vice president of Celgene Corporation in Summit, New Jersey USA) and Laura T. Pizzi, PharmD, MPH (professor and director of the Center for Health Outcomes, Policy, and Economics at the Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA) will share the responsibility of steering the editorial direction of the publication and developing engaging content that will resonate with both HEOR expert and nonexpert audiences around the world.

ISPOR produces a group of publications (ie, Value in Health, Value in Health Regional Issues, and Value & Outcomes Spotlight), each with a distinct set of aims and scope that offer readers the latest research and news in the HEOR field. Value & Outcomes Spotlight is a news journal that communicates insights into the real-world application and policy implications of HEOR methods that improve healthcare decisions, highlights of HEOR news from around the world, and reports on ISPOR’s strategic initiatives.

“HEOR is becoming even more important in optimizing the value of healthcare services and systems around the world. This presents ISPOR with both an opportunity and a responsibility to communicate the critical role our members play in generating research that can help distinguish therapeutic interventions that provide patients with the best outcomes and that improve the availability of healthcare worldwide, ” said ISPOR CEO and Executive Officer Nancy S. Berg. “Drs Khan and Pizzi bring important member perspectives to this role that will support ISPOR’s commitment to advancing HEOR and its impact on healthcare decision making,” said Berg.

Dr Khan has more than 25 years of executive level experience in the industry, with many connections to key audiences for ISPOR. She also has been a member of the Society’s Board of Directors and plans to use this keen insight into aligning the magazine with ISPOR’s strategic plan. Dr Pizzi’s experience as an educator and author will help contributors focus on the “so what” aspects of the research to make the content more accessible for the magazine’s broadening audience—from other health economists and outcomes researchers, to payers and physicians, and to patient advocates and new professionals entering the field.

Both Drs Khan and Pizzi have a longstanding commitment to students and new professionals and share a passion for shaping the next generation of ISPOR leaders. “Having worked collaboratively with Zeba with students and new professionals at ISPOR and at Rutgers, I believe this partnership of serving as Co-Editors-in-Chief for Value & Outcomes Spotlight is an opportunity to leverage our complementary strengths, our networks, and our areas of expertise to communicate the value of HEOR to new audiences and to demonstrate the important role ISPOR plays in this field,” said Dr Pizzi.

Earlier this year, ISPOR made the decision to discontinue its print circulation of Value & Outcomes Spotlight. The decision to transition to a fully online publication, although hastened by the COVID-19 pandemic, was part of ISPOR’s strategic plan for the continued transformation of the magazine. In keeping with ISPOR’s mission, the content of Value & Outcomes Spotlight is now freely available to everyone—both members and nonmembers alike. The magazine’s website is being completely redesigned to optimize for digital readership and with the move to transition to a fully online publication. “I am excited to work with Laura to develop content that tackles the key questions and issues facing our field and using digital technologies to present them in a way that engages—visually and topically—our readers,” said Dr Khan.

The appointment of Drs Pizzi and Khan follows the long and successful tenure of David Thompson, PhD (Syneos Health, Boston, MA, USA) as the Editor-in-Chief for Value & Outcomes Spotlight.  



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