Transferability of Economic Evaluations Across Jurisdictions - Good research practices task force report

Published Jan 2009


Drummond M, Barbieri M, Cook J, et al. Transferability of economic evaluations across jurisdictions: ISPOR Good Research Practices Task Force Report. Value Health. 2009;12(4):409-418.


A growing number of jurisdictions now request economic data in support of their decision-making procedures for the pricing and/or reimbursement of health technologies. Because more jurisdictions request economic data, the burden on study sponsors and researchers increases. There are many reasons why the cost-effectiveness of health technologies might vary from place to place. Therefore, this report of an ISPOR Good Practices Task Force reviews what national guidelines for economic evaluation say about transferability, discusses which elements of data could potentially vary from place to place, and recommends good research practices for dealing with aspects of transferability, including strategies based on the analysis of individual patient data and based on decision-analytic modeling.

Keywords: cost-effectiveness analysis, decision-analytic models, economic clinical trials, resource allocation.

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