Good Research Practices for Measuring Drug Costs in Cost Effectiveness Analyses: An Industry Perspective - ISPOR drug cost task force report - Part V

Published Jan 2010


Mycka JM, Dellamano R, Kolassa EM, et al. Good research practices for measuring drug costs in cost-effectiveness analyses: an industry perspective: the ISPOR Drug Cost Task Force Report-part V. Value Health. 2010;13(1):25-27.


Objectives: The industry perspective on drug costs should be framed by the need for decision-makers to use actual and relevant costs, and to inform real-world decisions regarding medication selection and use. The objective of this report is to provide guidance and recommendations on how manufacturers should approach the use of drug costs. Methods: The Task Force was appointed with the advice and consent of the ISPOR Board of Directors. Members were experienced developers or users of drug cost information working in academia and industry, and came from several countries. Following the core assumptions developed and outlined by the Task Force, a draft report was prepared. Comments were solicited on the outline and several draft reports both from a core group of external reviewers and more broadly from the ISPOR membership of ISPOR via the ISPOR Web site. Results: The industry should always strive for: 1) a focus on drug value and not just cost; 2) credibility—that is correct and consistent costs; 3) transparency—by disclosing the prices and costs, and ensuring that they reflect the actual cost of the drug whenever possible; and 4) providing actionable results that help customers comprehend the value offered by a drug therapy and to use products more efficiently and effectively. Conclusions: Understanding and accounting for all costs and consequences of the use of a medical treatment is in the best interests of all parties involved in the prescribing, consuming, reimbursement, selling, and manufacturing of bio/pharmaceuticals. Transparency, consistency, and clear communication of costs and value are essential for appropriate decision-making and should be important goals for all parties.

Keywords: cost study, drug cost, industry, pharmacoeconomic.

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