Tokenization in Clinical Trials: Benefits and End-to-End Enablement

Dec 2023

This webinar will provide a brief background on tokenization and its benefits. It will focus on end-to-end considerations for tokenizing data of clinical trial participants and designing fit for purpose studies based on linked real-world datasets.

The Use of Real-World Evidence in HTA in Central and Eastern Europe

Sep 2023

This webinar will cover the opportunities and challenges of collecting real-world data (RWD) and generating real-world evidence (RWE) for making better decisions in healthcare, specifically in Health Technology Assessment (HTA).

Assessing Causal Treatment Effect for Sequenced Oncology Regimens

Jul 2023

In oncology, sequential use of treatments with different mechanisms of action is common practice to overcome cross-resistance . Over the past decade, treatment sequencing with novel immunotherapy and targeted agents has contributed to substantial improvement in clinical outcomes in cancer patients. However, such clinical practice introduces methodology challenges for HTA.

Clinical Trial Innovation: How Healthcare Technology is Evolving

Jun 2023

Join us as we discuss how the healthcare landscape is changing in technology and clinical trial innovation, including diversity improvement, leveraging real-world evidence, comparative arms, and decentralized clinical trials.

Introduction to Open-Source Modeling: R We There Yet?

Apr 2023

In this forum, the OSM Special Interest Group has selected leaders in the field of health economics to describe their approach to OSMs. Mohsen Sadatsafavi will introduce the Peer Models Network and PRISM service as part of "Open-access modelling as a companion to open-source modelling” illustrated with an example implemented for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (the Evaluation Platform in COPD (EPIC) model.)

Improving Treatment Access and Outcomes by Integrating Social Determinants of Health Data With Real-World Evidence

Feb 2023

This webinar will focus on how integrating social determinants of health (SDOH) data with claims-based research can provide an opportunity to improve treatment access and outcomes for under-represented populations through targeted research and strategic efforts.

Different HTA Perspectives on Reliably Estimating Treatment Effects

Nov 2022

Real-World evidence (RWE) has recently received increased attention to provide supplementary evidence to support health technology assessment (HTA) submissions, especially as another source of insight into the real-world performance of novel therapeutic products, particularly when traditional randomized controlled trials (RCTs) are impractical or lack generalizability.

On the Validity of Statistical Analyses with Privacy-Preserving Synthetic Data

Sep 2022

This webinar presents a brief tutorial on synthetic data generation, an overview of its privacy preserving properties, and then review the results from studies evaluating the validity of analyses using synthetic data.

Data Privacy and Digital Health: The Manufacturers/Payers Perspective

Jul 2022

The key success factor for digital health implementation is the information sharing across multiple stakeholders engaged in the clinical decision making. The COVID pandemic revealed numerous differences in how individual data are used in the process of the adoption of various digital health solutions in the healthcare systems across the globe.

The Convergence of Synthetic Data and Self-Service Analytics to Create a New RWE Model

May 2022

Real-world evidence has advanced health research over the past two or three decades. The challenges of procuring sufficient, high-quality real-world data, of unlocking the knowledge contained in the data, and of sharing information without compromising patient privacy are ever-present.

Delivering Evidence-Based Access in Rare Diseases: The Challenges in SMA

Apr 2022

This session educates about the specific challenges of rare disease treatments in an HTA and discusses how Real-World Evidence Collection can address the data gap at the time of access decision.

Data Privacy as a Hurdle or Enabler for Digital Health Implementation? The Legal Framework

Apr 2022

The key success factor for digital health implementation is the information sharing across multiple stakeholders engaged in the clinical decision making. The COVID pandemic revealed numerous differences in how individual data are used in the process of the adoption of various digital health solutions in the healthcare systems across the globe.

Bariatric Surgery Reimbursement Seminar

Mar 2022

Experts from around the world will be sharing their experience about obesity treatment and reimbursement policies in their different countries. The event will consist of 7 expert presentations followed by a round table discussion with an opportunity for the audience to ask questions.

Evolving Real World Data/Evidence Guidelines and Landscape in China: From Policy to Practice

Oct 2021

There is increasing demand for real-world evidence (RWE) in healthcare decision making around the global, same as in China. Being the world’s second-largest market (after the US) and the only major market growing in the high single-digits annually, the regulatory and market access environment is evolving rapidly amid the fast development of healthcare sector in China.

Real World Oncology in China: Unique Opportunities to Drive Improved Patient Access and Outcomes

Jun 2021

The potential to improve cancer care in China is clear, the journey to that destination is not. Here, we bring together a group of experienced RWE leaders, thinkers, and “doers" for an interactive, friendly, and informative discussion about the unique attributes of oncology care in China: diverse patient journeys, integration with traditional medicines, immature EHR integration across institutions, and the rapidly evolving regulatory and reimbursement environment.

Shaking the Myth of Real World Evidence: Updates From the RWE Transparency Initiative

Dec 2020

This session will provide updates from the initiative including progress on the study registration site and the special task force on RWE protocol templates.

French Administrative Health Care Database (SNDS): Strengths, Limitations and Perspectives for the Largest and Richest Real-World Database in EU

Sep 2020

Certara’s extensive experience with the recently accessible French administrative healthcare database (SNDS) has provided key insights into how the database can be used for a larger impact on patient access, health technology and public health assessments

The Usage of Real-World Evidence (RWE): Monitoring and Managing Health Technologies In Latin America - Where We Are and Where We Are Heading

Aug 2020

In this webinar, a holistic multi-stakeholder discussion about the stage of RWE and how its use could improve the performance of healthcare systems in LATAM, including priority setting, health technology assessment (HTA), effectiveness and safety measurement, and innovative access models.

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