Innovative Uses of Technology to Advance Health Preference Research

Sep 2023

Stated preference surveys often involve communicating large volumes of complex and/or unfamiliar medical information to provide context for respondents. This webinar examines innovative uses of technology to advance discrete choice experiment (DCE) research within health preference research. They will explore the different technologies that can be integrated into preference surveys illustrating how technology can better inform and potentially engage respondents.

FDA Patient-Focused Drug Development (PFDD) Guidance - Part 3

Jul 2023

With the public comment period open until July 2023, this webinar will also present ISPOR members with the opportunity to ask questions and provide comments that will help inform ISPOR’s response on the draft guidance 4 document.

Clinical Trial Innovation: How Healthcare Technology is Evolving

Jun 2023

Join us as we discuss how the healthcare landscape is changing in technology and clinical trial innovation, including diversity improvement, leveraging real-world evidence, comparative arms, and decentralized clinical trials.

FDA Patient-Focused Drug Development (PFDD) Guidance - Part 2

Mar 2023

In this webinar series, we will hear from patient representatives and FDA staff to learn what is covered in this guidance series and what these new guidances mean for patient-focused drug development and the HEOR community.

Preventing, Detecting, and Analyzing Data From Suspected Fraudulent Respondents in Online Surveys, with Examples From Health Preference Studies

Feb 2023

The workshop will use real-time polling to understand the audience’s experiences with data collection fraud online and the methods used to prevent and identify data collection fraud. We will encourage audience members to share their own strategies, learnings, and challenges.

FDA Patient-Focused Drug Development (PFDD) Guidance - Part 1

Feb 2023

This is part one of a two-part webinar series. The FDA is developing Patient-Focused Drug Development (PFDD) guidance to inform the inclusion of patient experience when developing new medical therapies and products. This is a four-part guidance series, with two final guidances released, a third draft guidance released and a fourth guidance under development.

Looking Beyond Survival Data: Understanding the Value of Non-OS Endpoints in Oncology Reimbursement Decision-Making

Dec 2022

In this webinar, representatives from different stakeholder groups (patients, physicians, health economists and industry) will discuss the value of increasing the use of non-OS endpoints in reimbursement decision-making to their stakeholder groups. Using the example of multiple myeloma, the speakers will discuss how and when non-OS endpoints should be used, to support a future in which assessments of novel therapies are more fit-for-purpose.

Availability and Access to Innovative Therapies in Latin America

Oct 2022

This webinar will focus on discussing how to ensure access for the right patient, to the right treatment, at the right time. We invited Max Newton, Engagement Manager at IQVIA as guest speaker. Max worked on the development of the FIFARMA "Patients Waiting to Access Innovative Therapies (WAIT) Indicator survey"; he also is leading a similar survey in Europe, the "EFPIA WAIT indicator".

Clinical Outcome Assessments in the Asia Pacific Region: Strategy & Implementation

Sep 2022

Asia Pacific regional markets, including but not limited to mainland China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, play increasingly important roles in global clinical development. Patient-centric endpoints via clinical outcome assessments (COAs) and electronic COAs (eCOAs), are getting more and more attention in clinical research design and execution.

Differentiating Between Patient Preferences, Patient Reported Outcomes and Patient Engagement

Sep 2022

The webinar will define patient preferences, patient-reported outcomes and patient engagement, by describing their core defining features, how they differ from one another, and outlining the complementary roles that they may have in understanding what matters to patients. The speakers will then discuss how patient preferences, patient-reported outcomes and patient engagement can play a role in marketing authorization and health technology assessment, and ultimately, facilitate better care and access to care for patients.

Stakeholder Engagement in Value Assessment

Aug 2022

This is the Second webinar of the Value and Access to Innovation webseries sponsored by FIFARMA. The series are structured around FIFARMA's VAI working group workstreams: (1) Funding: what is the relation between health & the economy and how to ensure the long term healthcare system sustainability, (2) Value: what are the value frameworks used by decision makers in LatAm and what is the impact on patient access, (3) Adoption: how to ensure access for the right patient, to the right treatment, at the right time.

Oncology Endpoints in Reimbursement Decision-Making: Are We Keeping Pace With the Science?

Jun 2022

For cancer drugs, payers often prefer to make decisions based on overall survival (OS) outcomes. However, it may take many years to collect OS data; this is particularly apparent in early-stage cancer and when an active therapy is highly effective at extending life.

The Convergence of Synthetic Data and Self-Service Analytics to Create a New RWE Model

May 2022

Real-world evidence has advanced health research over the past two or three decades. The challenges of procuring sufficient, high-quality real-world data, of unlocking the knowledge contained in the data, and of sharing information without compromising patient privacy are ever-present.

Data Privacy as a Hurdle or Enabler for Digital Health Implementation? The Legal Framework

Apr 2022

The key success factor for digital health implementation is the information sharing across multiple stakeholders engaged in the clinical decision making. The COVID pandemic revealed numerous differences in how individual data are used in the process of the adoption of various digital health solutions in the healthcare systems across the globe.

Improving Performance: Selection and Development of PerfO Assessments to Capture Clinical Benefit: Performance Outcome Assessment Emerging Good Practices Task Force

Jan 2022

This webinar will be useful for researchers, regulators, academics, industry sponsors, and instrument developers in the clinical outcomes assessment (COA) field working on the development, evaluation, and implementation of performance outcome (PerfO) measures for use in capturing clinical benefits in treatment trials for medical label claims.

Health Preference Research in the Context of Gene Therapy in Rare Diseases

Sep 2021

During this webinar, the speakers will present their respective studies on gene therapy in Duchenne muscular dystrophy, spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) and hemophilia. They will discuss the importance of the disease context, the qualitative research that influenced attribute selection, the selection of health preference method and design of the health preferences’ tasks, and how the study findings relate to the potential value of gene therapy.

The Health Preference Research Landscape - Preference Information, Methods, and Use

Aug 2021

This webinar is a collaboration between ISPOR’s Health Preference Research Special Interest Group and the New Professionals Network.

The Power of Human+Digital Connection

May 2021

In a healthcare world saturated with digital tools – and 40% of patients turning to digital resources – the best patient outcomes actually occur when personal, human-touch plays a notable part in acclimating patients on their prescription therapy. New research suggests that adding personal connection to digital health can increase adoption by 70%, leading to greater outcomes and faster healing.

Supporting Covid19-Related Decision Making with Health Preference Research

Feb 2021

Many preference researchers have been quick to respond to this need and have conducted empirical COVID19 studies to better understand the value of health and health-related policies.

The 4th Industrial Revolution, Digital Transformation and Patient Centricity: A Leadership View

Dec 2020

In this presentation we will explore what the 4th Industrial Revolution is, how it impacts on the progressive movement towards digital transformation in our workplace. We will show that there is an inevitable convergence between the health ecosystem and the digital world.

Using Patient Preferences to Inform Decision Making

Nov 2020

The current regulatory and assessor landscape will be discussed including the European Union’s Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) and the Medical Device Innovation Consortium (MDIC). The task force is presenting their work to date with the request for feedback.

Patient-Reported Outcomes Webinar 2 (3 Part Series): Generating PRO Data – and Using It

Oct 2020

To advocate for a meaningful use of PROs to best reflect patient reality, patient advocates need to understand what PROs are, how PROs are being measured, and how they can bring the patient perspective into development, use and reporting of PRO measurements. This information will be presented across a 3-part webinar series

Patient Reported Outcomes Webinar 3: Developing New Patient-Reported Outcomes Instruments

Oct 2020

To advocate for a meaningful use of PROs to best reflect patient reality, patient advocates need to understand what PROs are, how PROs are being measured, and how they can bring the patient perspective into development, use and reporting of PRO measurements. This information will be presented across a 3-part webinar series outlined below.

Patient-Reported Outcomes Webinar 1 (3-Part Series): Webinar 1: What are PROs and HRQOL Tools?

Sep 2020

To advocate for a meaningful use of PROs to best reflect patient reality, patient advocates need to understand what PROs are, how PROs are being measured, and how they can bring the patient perspective into development, use and reporting of PRO measurements. This information will be presented across a 3-part webinar series.

Patient Reported Outcomes in Asia Pacific: Opportunity and Challenges

Aug 2020

In this session, expert speakers from the Asia Pacific region will discuss the importance, strengths and limitations of PROs, and use case studies to illustrate how to develop valid PRO measures and how PROs support research and decision-making.

Patient Engagement in Research: An ISPOR Definition

Jul 2020

The purpose of this webinar is to present the ISPOR definition of “patient engagement in research.” The definition was derived from a multi-step process, including a systematic review and qualitative analysis of existing definitions, and a multi-stakeholder review.

Measurement Comparability Between Modes of Administration of PROMs-Webinar

Jul 2020

When Does Mode of Data Collection Matter? Updated and Expanded Recommendations for Collecting PRO Measures Electronically in Clinical Trials

Why and How to Use Qualitative Research Methods in Conjunction with Discrete Choice Experiments in Health Care

Jun 2020

This webinar will explore why and how to use qualitative research methods in conjunction with discrete choice experiments in healthcare. Speakers will discuss formative qualitative research for the identification and generation of attributes and levels and qualitative research for testing survey comprehension and decision-making processes.

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