Application of Distributional Cost-Effectiveness Analysis to the US Setting

Sep 2023

This webinar will provide an educational opportunity for the ISPOR membership to learn about how distributional cost-effectiveness analysis (DCEA) can be applied in the US setting. This webinar will introduce the method, discuss the current state of foundational data in the US and highlight a recent case study to illustrate data sources that can be leveraged in more routine DCEA application.

Assessment of Digital Health Technologies in the Asia Pacific Region

Jun 2023

This webinar is based off discussions that were held at the 2023 ISPOR HTA Roundtable – Asia Pacific on 8 March 2023. The HTA Roundtable focused on how countries or jurisdictions in the Asia Pacific region are assessing digital health technologies. This webinar will provide perspectives from different stakeholders and jurisdictions on the status of digital health assessments in the region.

Challenges in Rare Disease Diagnostics: An Overview

Jun 2023

This webinar is aimed at all those who undertake research and development as well as value assessment of therapies and diagnostics in the rare disease space. It aims to expose the “diagnostic odyssey” and explain why a definitive diagnosis is not only important for patients but also for those assessing value. Objectives are to 1) explain what can be done to improve diagnosis in rare diseases and 2) why it matters in the context of value assessment.

Health Insurance in Africa: Sustainability in Focus

Oct 2022

Many health systems in Africa are generally characterized by high burden of out-of-pocket payment by patients at the point of care and increased exposure of clients to catastrophic health payments. However, there are recent moves by many African countries to improve their health financing systems and institute health insurance in a bid to ensure universal health coverage.

On the Validity of Statistical Analyses with Privacy-Preserving Synthetic Data

Sep 2022

This webinar presents a brief tutorial on synthetic data generation, an overview of its privacy preserving properties, and then review the results from studies evaluating the validity of analyses using synthetic data.

Fit for Local Context? Establishing or Improving Deliberative Processes for HTA

Sep 2022

Deliberative processes for health technology assessment (HTA) are intended to facilitate participatory decision making, using discussion and open dialogue between stakeholders. Increasing attention is being given to deliberative processes, but guidance is lacking for those who wish to design or use them. Health Technology Assessment International (HTAi) and ISPOR initiated a joint task force that developed comprehensive guidance to address this gap. This webinar will be of benefit to all those involved in establishing or improving deliberative processes for HTA in local contexts.

ISPOR Asia Pacific Region Student Webinar: Health Technology Assessment and Market Access

Aug 2022

This webinar intends to provide an overview of Health Technology Assessment and current developments in Indian market. The webinar will help participants learn different aspects of HTA.

Financing Sustainable Healthcare Systems in Latin America

Jul 2022

This is the first webinar of the Value and Access to Innovation webseries sponsored by FIFARMA. The series are structured around FIFARMA's VAI working group workstreams.

Distributional Cost-Effectiveness Analysis to Inform Healthcare Decisions

Jun 2022

This webinar will aim to provide an educational opportunity for the ISPOR membership to learn about the methods for conducting distributional cost-effectiveness analysis (DCEA).

Oncology Endpoints in Reimbursement Decision-Making: Are We Keeping Pace With the Science?

Jun 2022

For cancer drugs, payers often prefer to make decisions based on overall survival (OS) outcomes. However, it may take many years to collect OS data; this is particularly apparent in early-stage cancer and when an active therapy is highly effective at extending life.

Accelerating Patient Access to Next Generation Sequencing

May 2022

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) is the key to precision medicine in oncology and delivers several benefits across the patient care pathway, from providing patients with a tailored therapeutic strategy, increasing efficiency in healthcare systems delivery of care, resulting in potential cost savings and benefits to future patients.

Value-Based Payment in Asia Pacific: Case Studies and Lessons Learned

Apr 2022

Health systems in Asia Pacific regions are under tremendous pressure to deal with the rising costs, unequal access to service, and uneven quality of care. More and more healthcare systems across the region have increasingly embraced a value-based health care (VBHC) agenda. How can we maximize value for money and optimize patient outcomes? How should healthcare be delivered and reimbursed? In light of these issues, this webinar brings together a panel of experts to discuss the current situation of value-based payment in the Asia Pacific region and beyond, challenges and opportunities for VBHC implementation in the region.

Delivering Evidence-Based Access in Rare Diseases: The Challenges in SMA

Apr 2022

This session educates about the specific challenges of rare disease treatments in an HTA and discusses how Real-World Evidence Collection can address the data gap at the time of access decision.

Data Privacy as a Hurdle or Enabler for Digital Health Implementation? The Legal Framework

Apr 2022

The key success factor for digital health implementation is the information sharing across multiple stakeholders engaged in the clinical decision making. The COVID pandemic revealed numerous differences in how individual data are used in the process of the adoption of various digital health solutions in the healthcare systems across the globe.

HTA/Reimbursement Evolution and Priorities for Assessment in a Value-Based Healthcare Environment in Latin America

Mar 2022

This session will discuss trends in the HTA/Reimbursement environment in Latin America and the drivers for value-based health care (VBHC) implementation within the region. The potential benefits of VBHC, stakeholders’ roles in VBHC, contextual barriers and facilitators for VBHC implementation, and potential future impact of VBHC to healthcare in the region will be discussed by a panel of speakers.

Health Preferences in HTA: Use of Patient and Public Preferences

Nov 2021

Consider payer decision making in the context of health preference research (HPR) in market access and health technology assessment (HTA). How does it fit together? What are the differences between patient preferences and public preferences as they apply to HTA? This webinar will provide a basic introduction to these issues and more.

ISPOR Educational Webinar: How to Improve Participatory Decision Making in HTA

Jul 2021

Panelists will discuss what approaches to use, describe the relevance for HTA organizations and how it might best be used, and will provide reflective thoughts on potential gaps, and where future efforts might be.

Global Experiences with the Use of HTA for Health Benefit Packages Development

Aug 2020

In this session, experts from Latin America, Asia-Pacific and EMEA will discuss the role of HTA in UHC, including priority setting, coverage and financing, and share their experience in effective application of HTA to support designing benefits package for UHC while tackling the encountered challenges.

New Developments in Health Technology Assessment in Asia Pacific

Apr 2020

Health technology assessment (HTA) is gaining widespread acceptance and plays a vital role in healthcare decision making in many countries across the Asia Pacific region. In order to meet the changing demands of patients in light of new health technology innovations, HTA processes have needed to adapt. In this webinar, leading HTA experts from Thailand and South Korea will provide updates on recent developments in their countries’ HTA processes to strengthen patient access to innovative health technologies.

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