Measuring Value in Oncology: Are We Keeping Pace with Science?

February 27, 2024

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Title: Measuring Value in Oncology: Are We Keeping Pace with Science?

Tuesday, February 27, 2024
11:00AM EST | 4:00PM UTC | 5:00PM CET

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This virtual webinar is organised and funded by AstraZeneca. Due to AstraZeneca’s need to adhere to local industry regulations in certain countries, this virtual educational webinar is not intended for stakeholders from Singapore, Greece, Spain, and Japan.


Science has advanced to develop new and earlier treatments for cancer, which can transform clinical outcomes. However, payer value assessment frameworks may be challenged to keep pace with this rapidly progressing innovation, particularly in earlier stage disease  where final outcomes are difficult to assess. This raises concerns that disruptive innovation may be outpacing our ability to value it, especially in the EU where joint clinical assessment will start with oncology medicines in 2025.  In order to define value for innovative oncology medicines, an international group of experts developed seven principles for defining and assessing the value of cancer therapies. Four principles focus on oncology relevant endpoints for assessing clinical value, and  three focus on economic value to be integrated into healthcare system assessments.* 

This panel will discuss different perspectives on the utilization of these principles to advance value frameworks that support timely  access to transformative treatments for people with cancer.

Learning Objectives

  • Increase awareness and further empower people with cancer to participate in value assessments
  • Add to the science of oncology-relevant endpoints and leverage PROs
  • Evolve value assessments, manage uncertainties and assess overall impact

Presented by:

Jens Grueger, PhD, Director and Partner, Boston Consulting Group, and Former ISPOR President, Zurich, Switzerland

Lou Garrison, Jr., PhD, Professor, Pharmaceutical Outcomes Research  and Policy Program, School of Pharmacy, Adjunct Professor, Departments of Global Health and  Health Services, University of Washington, Co-Director, Global Medicines Program in Global Health, and Past President of ISPOR, Seattle, WA, USA

Bettina Ryll, MD, PhD, Founder, Melanoma Patient Network, Uppsala, Sweden

Victoria Chiou, MD, Head, Clinical Excellence and Innovation, Late Development Oncology, Gaithersburg, MD, USA


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Please note: On the day of the scheduled webinar, the first 1000 registered participants will be accepted into the webinar. For those who are unable to attend, or would like to review the webinar at a later date, the full-length webinar recording will be made available at the ISPOR Educational Webinar Series webpage approximately 2 days after the scheduled Webinar.

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*These principles were developed for a consulting report which was initiated and funded by AstraZeneca.
Date of preparation: November 2023
Veeva ID: Z4-60090

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