Souring On SUCRAs: When Treatment Ranking Goes Wrong

Oct 2022

One of the advantages of network meta-analyses (NMA) is the ability to use findings to draw conclusions regarding the best treatment for a given outcome. The Surface-Under-the-Cumulative-Ranking (SUCRA) is the most common method used to rank treatments in Bayesian NMAs, but it is often misinterpreted and misreported. This webinar will explore what the SUCRA is, demonstrate how it can be meaningfully impacted by network composition (even in simple networks), and suggest corrections to common errors in the reporting of SUCRAs.

Clinical Outcome Assessments in the Asia Pacific Region: Strategy & Implementation

Sep 2022

Asia Pacific regional markets, including but not limited to mainland China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, play increasingly important roles in global clinical development. Patient-centric endpoints via clinical outcome assessments (COAs) and electronic COAs (eCOAs), are getting more and more attention in clinical research design and execution.

Oncology Endpoints in Reimbursement Decision-Making: Are We Keeping Pace With the Science?

Jun 2022

For cancer drugs, payers often prefer to make decisions based on overall survival (OS) outcomes. However, it may take many years to collect OS data; this is particularly apparent in early-stage cancer and when an active therapy is highly effective at extending life.

The Convergence of Synthetic Data and Self-Service Analytics to Create a New RWE Model

May 2022

Real-world evidence has advanced health research over the past two or three decades. The challenges of procuring sufficient, high-quality real-world data, of unlocking the knowledge contained in the data, and of sharing information without compromising patient privacy are ever-present.

Leveraging the Value of Clinical Outcome Assessment (COA) Data Beyond Labelling

Apr 2022

Speakers will discuss the many uses of COA data gathered during patient-focused drug development, including benefit/risk evaluation, HTA, access decisions, policy decisions, and clinician and patient decision-making.

Data Privacy as a Hurdle or Enabler for Digital Health Implementation? The Legal Framework

Apr 2022

The key success factor for digital health implementation is the information sharing across multiple stakeholders engaged in the clinical decision making. The COVID pandemic revealed numerous differences in how individual data are used in the process of the adoption of various digital health solutions in the healthcare systems across the globe.

Bariatric Surgery Reimbursement Seminar

Mar 2022

Experts from around the world will be sharing their experience about obesity treatment and reimbursement policies in their different countries. The event will consist of 7 expert presentations followed by a round table discussion with an opportunity for the audience to ask questions.

Improving Performance: Selection and Development of PerfO Assessments to Capture Clinical Benefit: Performance Outcome Assessment Emerging Good Practices Task Force

Jan 2022

This webinar will be useful for researchers, regulators, academics, industry sponsors, and instrument developers in the clinical outcomes assessment (COA) field working on the development, evaluation, and implementation of performance outcome (PerfO) measures for use in capturing clinical benefits in treatment trials for medical label claims.

Embedded Clinical Trials: Understanding the Opportunities and Challenges for Real-World Evidence Generation

Sep 2021

In this webinar, experts will explore embedded clinical trials and their potential for effectively generating real world evidence, and review case studies illustrating best practice for these trials in action.

Innovations in Value Communication: Optimizing Payer Engagement at the Local Level

Sep 2021

Securing reimbursement from national payers is critical to your product’s commercial success. However, payers at the local and regional levels continue to get more authority to manage their own budgets. This makes engaging with payers and designing an effective strategy for value communication difficult as the concept of value can mean different things to different stakeholders.

Use of External Controls for Oncology RWE Studies to Enhance Development and Accelerate Knowledge of New Treatments

Aug 2021

They will address challenges faced by the pharmaceutical industry with clinical trials and the potential benefits that may be addressed with external controls, including lower costs, increased efficiency, time savings and potential ways to introduce real-world data elements for regulatory decisions.

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