Measuring the Indirect Costs Driving Financial Toxicity in Oncology

April 3, 2024

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Title: Measuring the Indirect Costs Driving Financial Toxicity in Oncology 

Wednesday, April 3, 2024
6:00PM EDT | 10:00PM UTC

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Financial toxicity in oncology is a global issue, resulting from a mix of both direct and indirect costs that are the burden of the patient. This toxicity may be so significant that it can impact not only treatment adherence and long-term clinical outcomes, but also patient well-being and caregiver burden. While economic evaluation, often centered on direct costs, is essential for treatment adoption into a healthcare program, omission of other key financial considerations may limit use of even the most effective therapies in the real-world setting. Accordingly, this webinar will include two experts in the field providing insights about the incorporation of financial toxicity in economic evaluation. 

Dr. Alan Balch is a non-profit executive with expertise in the barriers and challenges low-income patients experience when faced with the various costs they bear in the world’s most expensive and complicated healthcare system. For more than ten years, he has led a charity that provides different forms of support and assistance to hundreds of thousands of people each year facing financial hardships during their course of treatment. 

Professor Louisa Gordon is a health economist with significant research expertise in economic evaluations, decision-analytic modeling, and health technology assessment. In this webinar, she will share her insights that are based on a large body of research devoted to evaluating supportive care interventions in oncology and the financial burden of cancer on families. 

In their presentations, these experts will characterize financial toxicity from the patient perspective, suggest potential frameworks for incorporation of financial toxicity into economic evaluation, and discuss areas where further research is necessary. 

Learning Objectives

  • In-depth understanding of financial toxicity in terms of causes and impact on the patient. 
  • Recognition of the need for incorporation of financial toxicity into economic evaluation. 
  • Awareness of current methodological approaches to incorporate financial toxicity into economic evaluation. 

Presented by:

Brittany Carson, MHEcon, PhD, Senior Medical Director, ApotheCom, New York, NY, USA

Louisa Collins, MPH, PhD, Professor, QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute, Herston, Australia

Alan Balch, PhD, Chief Executive Officer of Patient Advocate Foundation and National Patient Advocate Foundation, Hampton, VA, USA 


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