HEOR Theater - Health Technology Assessment in 2030: How Methods, Technology and Data will Change the Way Drugs are Reimbursed

September 23, 2021

Open to all ISPOR Members and Non-members

Presented by

  • Radek Wasiak, PhD

September 23, 2021
12:00PM EDT | 5:00PM BST | 6:00PM CEST 

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The current decade will bring an unprecedented change to the way drugs are brought to market.  Fueled by changes to the clinical trial design and execution and how regulators assess drugs, the health technology assessments (HTAs) will evolve and consider the confluence of three areas: methods, data, and technology.  Methods will have to account for the increased complexity of documenting the value of the drugs in more precisely defined indications and draw on more and more advanced statistical analyses and epidemiological and data science approaches.  The appropriateness of the methods will be tested using more complex data, often leveraging information across health care systems.  Data access and processing will be facilitated using technology and enabling rapid derivation of the insight at country level for compounds entering the market.  

The presentation will focus on the interrelationship between methods, data and technology and, using a case study approach, showcase how we are already on the way towards the new HTA paradigm.  The necessary conditions to ensure transparency of research and the HTA assessment will be described.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe how the changes to clinical trial design and execution and the regulatory assessment process and how they will impact HTAs
  • Present key factors influencing the relationship between methods, data and technology in the HTA assessment process in the future.
  • Outline the roadmap towards the new data-driven HTA paradigm

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Sponsored by: Cytel


Radek Wasiak, PhD, Chief Data Officer, Head of Real World and Advanced Analytics, Cytel, London, UK

Live Q&A Discussants:

Anna Forsythe, PharmD, MSc,Vice President, Value and Access, Purple Squirrel Economics, a Cytel company, New York, NY, USA

Bart Heeg, PhD, MSc, Vice President, HEOR, Ingress-health, a Cytel company, Randstad, Netherlands

Gabriel Tremblay, Vice President, Advanced Analytics, Cytel, Quebec, Canada 

Please note: On the day of the scheduled HEOR Theater, the first 1000 registered participants will be accepted. For those who are unable to attend, or would like to review the HEOR Theater On-Demand at a later date, please register using the link above to access the full-length recording. 

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