The purpose of the ISPOR HTA Roundtables is to provide a forum to discuss, debate, share, health technology issues as well as bridge the gap between HTA agencies, health care decision makers and outcomes researchers and to optimize health care decisions using outcomes research.

The ISPOR HTA Roundtables include the HTA-P&T Roundtable – North America, HTA Roundtable – Europe, HTA Roundtable – Asia, and HTA Roundtable – Latin America. Each regional HTA Roundtable convenes yearly around the ISPOR annual/biennial meetings to develop and discuss HTA issues and share information.

ISPOR Health Technology Assessment Vision 2020

ISPOR Health Technology Assessment Roundtables Participants

ISPOR Health Technology Assessment Roundtables


The following issues were identified and prioritized by the participants from the HTA-P&T Roundtable -North America:
(The comments in red are additional HTA issues identified by participants from the ISPOR HTA Roundtable – Europe) As during the ISPOR HTA Roundtable – North America, the goal was to identify HTA issues, not to develop consensus.

Issue VI: Translating HTA information for or by Health Policy-makers

Issue IV: HTA Methods & Studies

Issue V: HTA Prioritization

Issue III: HTA Data

Issue I : Need for HTA Information

Issue II : HTA Scope & Technology Life Cycle