About the Initiative

ISPOR is spearheading the Initiative on US Value Assessment Frameworks with input and assistance from leading experts and key stakeholders in the health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) community. In the past few years, a number of value assessment frameworks have been developed as the health care system has moved toward a value-driven approach that focuses on evaluating therapeutic options based on health outcomes, value to the patient, and effectiveness compared with other potential treatment options. The currently available frameworks, however, are widely diverse in their approaches, and this inconsistency can lead to variable evaluations of treatments. A need therefore exists for a robust discussion of relevant perspectives and appropriate approaches that (a) are transparent and methodologically sound and (b) involve the input of key stakeholders to guide the development of value assessment frameworks for health care decision making.

The Initiative on Value Assessment Frameworks was created to inform the shift towards a value-driven health care system by promoting the development and dissemination of high quality, unbiased value assessment frameworks. Key objectives of the Initiative are to:

  • identify and discuss key methodological and process issues in defining and applying value frameworks to health care resource allocation;
  • convene a Special Task Force to collaborate on a white paper that reviews relevant perspectives, approaches, and methods to support the definition and use of high-quality value frameworks; and
  • engage key stakeholders throughout the development of the white paper to help to frame the scope of work for this methodologically oriented white paper and to review and comment on the work progress and products of the Special Task Force.

Phase I of the initiative focused on foundational work (i.e., conducting surveys and holding meetings with stakeholders and academic health economics and outcomes research experts; creating and reviewing a draft scope of work for Phase II; writing topical papers on issues in value assessment frameworks, etc.).


Phase II began by establishing a Special Task Force in July 2016. Topical papers exploring value assessment frameworks were published as a themed issue of Value in Health, the official journal of ISPOR, in February 2017. The Special Task Force posted a draft policy white paper on the appropriate definition and use of value frameworks on May 4, 2017. Comments on this draft were solicited from our Stakeholder Advisory Panel and Expert Advisory Board; that comment period closed on May 26. A revision of the white paper has just been completed, and is now available for ISPOR member review on the “Initiative Documents” page; the comment period closes August 4, 2017