Chapter Activities  

Outstanding Participation of ISPOR Portugal Chapter at the ISPOR 19th Annual European Congress!

Congratulations To The Newly Elected Ispor Portugal Chapter Executive Committee!

ISPOR Portugal  Chapter Leadership organized a very ptoductive and effective meeting during the ISPOR 19th Annual European Congress in Vienna, Austria

Date: 31 October 2016
Austria Center Vienna
Agenda: Update on chapter's activities since ISPOR 18th Annual European Congress, Milan, 2015: Position Paper: "The Challenges of Health Technology Assessment in Portugal" and the 1st ISPOR Portugal Chapter workshop organization held on 16 November 2016, Lisbon, Portugal.Among the proposals for activities and initiatives for 2016-2017 it has been planned to organize a specialized training in Health Economics / Outcomes Research at different levels, technical meetings with RWD data providers and researchers, to organize bi-annual workshops.It worth to highlight about the great participation of Prof. Carlos Couveia Pinto (President, ISPOR Portugal Chapter) as a moderator at the forum: A Structured Debate Regarding the National Health Economics Guidelines in Southern Europe". The forum was a great success during the Vienna Congress and was considered one of the most interesting forums of the congress! 

Congratulations To The Newly Elected Ispor Portugal Chapter Executive Committee!

The election took place on 16 November 2016 at the second Electoral General Assembly of the ISPOR Portugal Chapter.44 out of 84 chapter members have exercised their voting rights. The Governing Bodies have been elected for the three-year term (Nov. 2016- Nov. 2019).

Report Election Committee

Minutes of Electoral Meeting

ISPOR Portugal Chapter Meeting Summary 

ISPOR 19th Annual European Congress

19° Congresso Europeu da ISPOR


Austria Center Vienna
Vienna, Austria



Data e hora: Segunda-feira, 31 Outubro 2016 as 18h15-19h15
Austria Center Vienna, Vienna, Austria

Executive Education

Short Health Program ‘Economic Evaluation Foundations and Methods’ at Imperial College Business School,London, United Kingdom, delivered in collaboration with the Lisbon School of Economics & Management (ISEG) 

Formação de executivos | Programa curto "Fundamentos e Métodos na Availação Económica" na Imperial College Business School, Londres, Reino Unido, realizados com o ISEG – Lisbon School of Economics & Management da Universidade de Lisboa

Location: Imperial College Business School, London, United Kingdom
Date: April 2016

ISPOR Portugal Chapter invites you to participate in an educational opportunity designed for Pan European health care professionals. The program is organized around five modules, and participants are free to choose which modules best suit their objectives and level of experience. 

Foundation modules and the one day challenge event bring participants together to apply the program learning and tackle a real-world health innovation problem. Groups will engage in consensus-building and collaborative design techniques to define a real solution to a real problem being faced by either the NHS or by a technology supplier. They will report back to the problem-owner on the day and benefit from their feedback.

An executive certificate of attendance will be awarded to participants who have completed a minimum of five days across the program and benefit from a special price offer.

Apply here:

Economic Evaluation Foundations and Methods


Data Transferability Workshop led by Professor Andrea Manca, MSc, PhD

Workshop sobre “Transferabilidade de Dados” coordenado pelo Prof. Andrea Manca, MSc, PhD

Location: Institute for Advanced Studies in Economics and Management (ISEG), University 
Date: 29 May 2015

ISPOR Portugal held a workshop on data transferability at the University of Lisbon Institute for Advanced Studies in Economics and Management (ISEG) led by Professor Andrea Manca, MSc, PhD, Professor of Health Economics at the University of York Centre for Health Economics, UK



Programa Workshop Transferabilidade Dados 2015


Contact Information


ISPOR Portugal Regional Chapter Office

C/o CISEP, Rua Miguel Lupi,
20 1249-078 Lisboa, Portugal

Tel/fax: +351.213925964


Chapter Leadership


PresidentMiguel Gouveia , PhD
President-ElectMónica Sofia Inés, MSc
Past PresidentCarlos Gouveia Pinto, PhD
Secretary/TreasurerLuis Silva Miguel, MSc, PhD
DirectorCéu Mateus, MSc, PhD
DirectorNuno Silverio, MBA

More Details


Forum Panel at Vienna Congress


Prof. Carlos Gouveia Pinto at the Vienna Congress

First ISPOR Portugal Chapter Workshop
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