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Post ISPOR 2024 conference, we offer our Digital Conference Pass, a way for registrants (to upgrade their ISPOR 2024 experience or for those that cannot attend the conference) to access all the great HEOR content taking place in Atlanta at ISPOR 2024. The Digital Conference Pass includes recordings of nearly all of the educational sessions, plenaries, Spotlights, and other content from the conference. The Digital Conference Pass is a separate registration that can either be purchased with your in-person registration, or as a standalone registration option. Access opens May 22.

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Note:  We are pleased to offer a special $135 discounted registration rate to our Digital Conference Pass for attendees from LMICs (Low, Lower-Middle, and Upper-Middle Countries).

ISPOR 2024 Digital Conference Pass Only Registration Fees

*Does not include attendance to the in-person ISPOR 2024. Digital Conference Pass registration includes on-demand session recordings.




Standard $530$685
Clinical Practitioners/ Government/Academia/Non-Profit $365$530
Patient Representative$265$350
Full Time Students$215$295
*LMIC (Low, Lower-Middle, and Upper-Middle-Income Countries) Attendees$135$135

*LMICs are defined by the World Bank.  A list of countries can be found here.

Payment Policy 

  • Submission of a registration online, by phone or email, constitutes an official registration and intent to attend the Event.  Invoices are payable upon receipt, and full payment must be received prior to the Event start date to participate in the Event. Please note that purchase orders and cash are not accepted as forms of payment. 
  • Payment may be made by check, credit card or bank transfer. VISA, MasterCard, or American Express will be charged in US dollars. Account number and expiration date must be included. For bank transfers, please designate the registrants name and registration or invoice number. There is a USD $40 fee for bank transfers. 
  • Registration fees are discounted for ISPOR Members. To qualify the registrant must be an active member of ISPOR at the time of registration. ISPOR will not issue refunds or credits due to the failure to redeem a discount coupon or discounted registration rates (including member registration rates) during the registration process.   

Substitution and Cancellation Policy

  • The cancellation date for the conference is April 5, 2024. All cancellation requests must be made in writing and emailed to before by April 5, 2024.
  • There is a $100.00 cancellation fee for requests received by April 5, 2024.  No refunds will be made for cancellations received after April 5.
  • You may transfer your registration to a colleague at any time with ISPOR’s consent, but membership is non-transferable. Substitute registrants will be responsible for the non-member fee, if applicable, and must agree to and will be bound by these Terms. All transfer requests must be made in writing and emailed to
  • In the event of cancellation of the Event by ISPOR, ISPOR will contact you with information about transference of fees to equivalent programs or availability of a refund. If we cancel the Event or your registration and you are in compliance with these Terms, we will issue you a refund of your Event registration fee in accordance with our refund policy if you opt to not transfer fees to an equivalent program. 
  • Refunds will be processed within 30 business days of written cancellation request and issued via the original form of payment.
  • ISPOR is not responsible for any damages, direct or indirect, resulting from any cancellation by ISPOR of the Event or if ISPOR decides to deny, limit, or cancel your Event registration.  

Registration and participation in ISPOR conferences, and other ISPOR in-person and virtual events, constitutes consent for ISPOR to communicate with you via email, mail, and Higher Logic communities to provide information about the conference and/or event.  

Visa Requests 

Upon request, ISPOR issues a Registration Confirmation Letter to registered attendees who must apply for visas or other documentation to enter the United States. All documentation for entry into the country of the ISPOR conference is the responsibility of the attendee. 
The Confirmation Letter will be issued upon full payment of the ISPOR 2024 conference registration fees. You must submit your confirmation letter request by using this link:
Upon receipt of your information and registration verification, the confirmation letter will be sent via email within 10 business days. 

Certificates of Attendance

ISPOR provides a general Certificate of Attendance to all registrants. The certificate is uploaded to the registrant’s ISPOR Profile and can be downloaded/ printed the day after the conference end date. 

  • To access your ISPOR Profile you will need to login to your account which is located on the ISPOR website home page, At the top of the webpage select either "Manage Profile" or "Log In"
  • Select "My Account" at the top left menu
  • Select "My Events" located on the right in the "My Account Links" box
  • Under "My Events" the conferences will be listed for which you registered, select the specific conference for that certificate
  • Located under "Conference Information" there will be a button to "Print Certificate of Attendance." 


Some members, conference attendees, and exhibitors have been receiving emails from rogue list brokers claiming to have access to an ISPOR conference attendee list for sale. This scam is afflicting trade shows where exhibitors are contacted by people fraudulently claiming to have and sell the show’s attendee list. Please know that ISPOR does not rent, share, or sell your email or physical address to any third parties or list brokers. These scammers are trying to phish for your information and gain access to financial resources. The companies have no association with ISPOR or the Conference (or any other ISPOR events). Please do not engage with and/or acquire/purchase any list from any company claiming to have use of the ISPOR conference database, attendees, or contact information as it puts you and others' contact information at risk. Oftentimes, responding to these emails (even to “unsubscribe”) confirms to them that they have reached a valid email address.

ISPOR takes this matter very seriously and will do whatever possible to protect our attendees, partners, and exhibitors. We encourage you instead to block the sender, delete the email, and report scammers to us and/or to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission fraud division.  


ISPOR Event Terms and Conditions

By registering for or by attending ISPOR 2024, you acknowledge and agree to the ISPOR Event Terms and Conditions. Please review the event terms and conditions prior to registering for the event.

Read Terms and Conditions Here