Andrzej Rys, MD
Principle Scientific Advisor
European Commission

Andrzej Rys is the EU Visiting Fellow at St Anthony’s College, Oxford University, for the year 2023-4.

Since October 2022 he is Principal Scientific Adviser in Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety at the European Commission.

Andrzej is a medical doctor specialized in radiology and public health, graduated from Jagiellonian University, Krakow, where he founded the School of Public Health (1991). After being Director of Krakow’s City Health Department (1997), he served as Deputy Minister of Health in Poland (1999) and member of Polish negotiation accession to the EU team. In 2003, he founded and became Director of the Centre of Technology Transfer and Jagiellonian University (CITTTU). He was chief editor of Health and Management Journal.

He joined the European Commission in 2006 where he first took the role of Director for Public Health and Risk Assessment. Since 2011 he was Director for Health systems, medical products and Innovation.

He was a member of EMA Management Board and ECDC MB and member of IMI/IHI GB.

Email address: andrzej.rys@ec.europa.eu


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