On June 25, ISPOR held the second Signal Series event episode of the new ISPOR virtual series Signal, “From Price Determining Value to Value Determining Price: It’s About Strategy at a System Level”.

New strategy for transformation “works” at a system level. Because anyone can easily match “mass” and “best technology” capabilities, system entrepreneurship is the new path to creating and competing differently. Sitting in the zone where human and computational assemblages can do extraordinary things, the future of competition in the life sciences industry has less to do with “drug,” and more to do with assuming Total System Leadership for the ‘common good.’ The business goal is to transition from ‘price determining value’ to ‘value determining price.’ It’s the end state on a market- shaping roadmap, a new industry narrative that includes reinvesting earnings to sustain the progression of health.

This session helps leaders develop new care pathways and approaches to commercial model innovation using systems thinking: how to develop new storylines of “value” that transition legacy operating models centered on promoting and pushing a product’s technical specifications to creating and positioning business for system advantage.

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