James Wiggins
Senior Manager, Solutions Architecture for Global Public Sector Healthcare
Amazon Web Services

James leads AWS’ global solutions architect team for public sector healthcare (non-profit, academic, government) and the global healthcare technical community across all of AWS. This is a team composed of specialists in electronic health record systems, bioinformatics, genomics, health AI/ML, clinical and research medical imaging, mobile medical applications, open source research tools, and many other topics. James’ team supports providers, payors, researchers, and regulators as they advance healthcare around the world by helping them apply cloud technology. James provides guidance to healthcare executives and industry analysts to help them understand what healthcare services AWS and their partners offer, the capabilities of the global healthcare tech team, and how customers are succeeding using AWS.  James began work with the OHDSI community in 2018 and won the OHDSI Titan Award for Community Support in 2019.