Denise Webb
Senior Youth Staff
The Partnership For Southern Equity

Denise Webb is a sophomore at Berry College, majoring in Biology and Conservation. Although her education is focused on conserving wildlife, she is not blind to the issues within her community. Since the age of 14, she has been engaged in the world of policy and change. A Senior Youth Staff at the Partnership for Southern Equity, Denise continues to work on issues ranging from racial inequities in healthcare to extreme heat in urban areas.  Motivating audiences of all ages, she shares her advocacy efforts to address the disparities that directly impact her neighborhood. As Bonner Scholar, Youth Ambassador for Atlanta, and Senior Fellow at CoGenerate, she is in multiple communities volunteering, working, writing, and getting into “good trouble.” In 2023 Denise coauthored the book, “Why Aren’t We Doing This?- Collaborating With Minors In Major Ways” with Wendy Schaetzel Lesko. Despite these accolades, she is most proud of her 723 Duolingo streak!