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Latest Advances of HEOR and Health Policy of Mexico

The Government of Mexico creates by decree the decentralized body, with legal personality and its own patrimony, called Health Institute for Wellbeing, grouped in the sector coordinated by the Ministry of Health. Its purpose is to provide and guarantee, in the terms provided in the present decree, the provision of healthcare services and free medicines to the population lacking social security, as well as promoting in coordination with the Ministry of Health, actions aimed at achieving an adequate integration and articulation of the National Health System.

In Mexico, a novel system of acquisitions of supplies for health is adopted, called "Integral Strategy of the New National System of Public Procurement," where the best international practices in public contracting are sought, mainly using "purchasing agency models" centralized "in a public entity outside the substantive areas with different levels of governance (OECD).

The Ministry of Health in the company of members of the scientific community, specialists in infectious diseases, implemented a more effective antiretroviral treatment for people living with HIV, especially in those who have resistance to traditional medicines. With the new scheme decreases the number of drugs and their price, the purchases made a savings of 57%, equivalent to $1700 million pesos (approximately $89 million dollars US, which allows increasing coverage and access to health.

The General Health Council directs the preparation of the National Compendium of Medicines, which is in a process of revision and purification with the use of solid criteria and according to the reality of the country. The fundamental objective is to offer the Mexican population effective, safe, and quality medicines. In addition, the cost-effectiveness for the National Health System must be guaranteed.

The ISPOR Chapter of Mexico continues with the development of its academic activities and promotion and excellence in the evaluation of health technologies and good practices in health economics. As an example, an academic session was held in April 2019 with the theme "The economic impact of chronic diseases from diagnosis to effective treatment", with regard to the strategy called as code infarction, said academic event took place in the facilities of AMGEN Laboratories with an attendance of 120 people. The attendance to the ISPOR 2019 conference in New Orleans, LA, USA gathered the attendance of 28 members of the Mexican delegation. More than 50 members of the Mexican Chapter are expected to attend ISPOR Latin America 2019 in Bogotá, Colombia.

In the month of June, the session "Innovation as an essential part of society" will be held, organized in conjunction with the science commission of the Chamber of Deputies. At this session an attendance of at least 150 people is expected, which will be transmitted via streaming. The chapter maintains daily activity on social networks through Twitter and Facebook and a new channel on YouTube. In the area of ​​affiliation the number of members has increased, during the March event 426 were reached and it is expected that before the end of this year the 500 will be exceeded.

The chapter's president Dr César A. Cruz Santiago received from the Mexican Academy of Surgery, the promotion to Titular Academician being the first president of our guild to achieve this distinction. Congratulations to Dr Cruz for this great recognition. 


ISPOR Mexico Chapter Celebrated to 6th Annual Seminar

ISPOR Mexico Chapter celebrated its 6th annual seminar in Mexico City, Mexico this March 14-16, 2019. The seminar focused on "Health Economics: A Tool Towards Universalization and Access Equity." This event brought together key stakeholders from Mexico and Latin America with the participation of Nancy J. Devlin, PhD, ISPOR President-Elect.


6º Seminario “Economía de la Salud: Una Herramienta hacia la Universalización y Equidad en el Acceso”

ISPOR Capítulo México, comprometido con la promoción, desarrollo, asesoría y capacitación en materia de economía de la salud y resultados en salud, llevó a cabo el 6º Seminario “Economía de la Salud: Una Herramienta hacia la Universalización y Equidad en el Acceso”.

A consecuencia de cambios políticos en el país y el impacto que tienen en el sistema de salud, creemos que era de suma importancia abordar temas relevantes. El seminario tuvo el objetivo de desarrollar intercambios académicos con los tomadores de decisión, academia e industria con el fin de colaborar a mejorar el acceso a servicios de salud con calidad en México.

Con la participación de Nancy J. Devlin, PhD, 2018-2019 presidenta electa de ISPOR y Directora de Investigación en la Oficina de la Economía de la Salud en Londres, Inglaterra del Reino Unido, además de otros prestigiados ponentes internacionales y nacionales, dieron la bienvenida a más de 400 personas.

Mexico Chapter Recognized with Outstanding Regional Chapter Award

Congratulations to the Mexico Chapter! The new ISPOR Outstanding Regional Chapter Award program recognizes exceptional contribution and leadership of regional chapters in advancing the Society's mission in its global regions. The award is offered in 3 categories based on chapter membership size: small, medium, large. ISPOR staff assess chapter contributions by applying eligibility and selection criteria based on a review of information available from chapter annual reports, chapter contributions to the Society's publications, and participation in the Society's activities throughout the year.

The 2018 ISPOR Outstanding Regional Chapter Award was presented to the Colombia Chapter, Mexico Chapter, and Russia St Petersburg Chapter. Congratulations is due to this year’s recipients for their exceptional contribution and leadership in advancing the Society's mission in its global regions. The interview with the chapter awardees can be found in the December issue of Value & Outcomes Spotlight in the section "ISPOR Central—ISPOR Speaks."

                  Chapter Award Winners

The winners are from left to right: (center) César Alberto Cruz Santiago, MD, PhD, ISPOR Mexico Chapter; (center) Diego Rosselli, MD, Med, MHP, ISPOR Colombia Chapter; (center) Alexey Kolbin, MD, PhD, ISPOR Russia St Petersburg Chapter. All are receiving the ISPOR Regional Chapter Award from presenters Federico Augustovski, MD, MSc, PhD and Mahmoud Diaa Elmahdawy, PharmD, during ISPOR Europe 2018 in Barcelona, Spain.

About the Award

Chapter contributions were assessed by applying eligibility and selection criteria based on information gathered from submitted Chapter Annual Reports and chapter input to ISPOR publications and activities throughout the year. The award consists of a trophy, USD $1,000 per winning chapter (available as a credit against the winning chapter's future educational events), an interview in Value & Outcomes Spotlight, and a complimentary ISPOR Europe conference registration for the chapter delegate who accepts the award on behalf of the chapter. Additional information on the award can be found here.

ISPOR Latin America 2019 
12-14 September 2019 | Bogotá, Colombia 
Data and Value in Healthcare: 2020 and Beyond

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Actividad académica del Capítulo ISPOR México


ISPOR Capítulo México llevó a cabo el seminario “Oportunidades para la sustentabilidad de la innovación en salud”, el 22 y 23 de junio en el estado de Morelos. El evento estuvo dirigido a tomadores de decisiones de diversas instituciones públicas de salud en México.

Resumen de las reuniones mensuales del Capítulo ISPOR México 

Programa del 5o seminario del Capítulo ISPOR México, el 8-10 de marzo de 2018




¡Gracias por su apoyo durante el 4º Seminario del Capítulo ISPOR México celebrado el 9 - 11 de marzo del 2017!

Vea el enlace del programa más abajo.

Haga clic aquí para ver el programa del 4o Seminario del Capítulo ISPOR México

Mayor información se encuentra aquí: enlace de la web para el Capítulo ISPOR México



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Mexico Regional Chapter
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Chapter Leadership


President / Presidente

CésarAlberto Cruz Santiago, MD, PhD

Past-President / Presidenta AnteriorRosa María Galindo-Suárez, MHE
Secretary / Secretario

Alberto Salazar-Ramírez, MHE

Treasurer / TesoreroJesús Avendaño, MD
Director / VocalCésar Ruíz Miranda
Director / VocalMónica Alva Esqueda, MSc


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Felicitaciones al Dr César A. Cruz Santiago por recibir por parte de la Academia Mexicana de Cirugía, la promoción a Académico Titular.  


César Alberto Cruz-Santiago, MD, PhD, President, ISPOR Mexico Chapter

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