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Model Transparency and Validation Working Group

DRAFT Model Transparency and Validation: A Report of the ISPOR-SMDM Modeling Good Research Practices Task Force-7 (Submitted to Value in Health and Medical Decision Making)

This paper will address external model validation [versus verification], analyses, documentation, and transparency in reporting of model results. The importance of conceptualization (up front scoping) to ensure that the model addresses the problem will be emphasized. In addition, this paper will describe how results should be presented to be useful to the user.

Working Group Chairs (Lead authors):
John Wong MD, Chief, Division of Clinical Decision Making, Informatics and Telemedicine; GMA Physician and Professor, Tufts University School of Medicine, Boston, MA, USA
David Eddy PhD, MD, Founder and Medical Director, Archimedes, Inc., San Francisco, CA USA

Working Group Members (Co-authors):
William Hollingworth PhD, Reader in Health Economics, University of Bristol, Bristol, UK
Kathy McDonald MBA, Executive Director, Senior Research Scholar, Center for Health Policy / Center for Primary Care and Outcomes Research, Stanford, CA USA
Joel Tsevat MD, Professor of Medicine and Associate Dean for Clinical and Translational Research, University of Cincinnati, College of Medicine, Cincinnati, OH USA

For more information on the ISPOR-SMDM Modeling Good Research Practices Task Force (Leadership, Goal, Background / Overview, Timeline) please refer to the following page:

For further recommendations on modeling good research practices, please refer to the following reports:



Define papers to be included in this Task Force Report, suggested lead authors, and additional members

May 6, 2010

Identify authors for each paper included in the Task Force Report

May 15, 2010

Develop consensus on the content of each paper and a draft detailed outline of each paper

August 1, 2010

Finalize detailed outline of each paper & assign sections of each paper to Task Force member volunteers

September 15, 2010

First draft of each paper completed

October 15, 2010

Overview of papers presented at ISPOR Forum at 13th Annual European Congress (Prague) for comment

November 8, 2010

Second draft of papers prepared and face-to-face meeting to discuss contentious issues

March 2011

Draft papers submitted to Review Group for comments

May 12, 2011

Draft papers presented during Third Plenary Session at ISPOR 16th Annual International Meeting (Baltimore) for comment

May 25, 2011

Draft papers submitted to ISPOR membership for comments

July 2011

Draft papers revised based on comments

October 2011

Papers submitted to Value in Health and Medical Decision Making

March 2012

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