Toward Better Data Dashboards for US Drug Value Assessments [Editor's Choice]

Oct 1, 2021, 00:00 AM
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To explore the use of data dashboards to convey information about a drug’s value, and reduce the need to collapse dimensions of value to a single measure.


Review of the literature on US Drug Value Assessment Frameworks, and discussion of the value of data dashboards to improve the manner in which information on value is displayed.


The incremental cost per quality-adjusted life-year ratio is a useful starting point for conversation about a drug’s value, but it cannot reflect all of the elements of value about which different audiences care deeply. Data dashboards for drug value assessments can draw from other contexts. Decision makers should be presented with well-designed value dashboards containing various metrics, including conventional cost per quality-adjusted life-year ratios as well as measures of a drug’s impact on clinical and patient-centric outcomes, and on budgetary and distributional consequences, to convey a drug’s value along different dimensions.


The advent of US drug value frameworks in health care has forced a concomitant effort to develop appropriate information displays. Researchers should formally test different formats and elements.
HEOR Topics :
  • Clinical Outcomes
  • Clinical Outcomes Assessment
  • Health Technology Assessment
  • Literature Review & Synthesis
  • Study Approaches
  • Value Frameworks & Dossier Format
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  • cost-effectiveness analysis
  • dashboards
  • drugs
  • Institute for Clinical and Economic Review
  • multicriteria decision analysis
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