Practical Next Steps in Improving Value Measurement and Use

Jun 1, 2019, 00:00 AM
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As described elsewhere in this issue, several technical and methods-based presentations were given at the summit that focused on alternative structural approaches to value assessment as well as incorporation of novel value elements to enhance current assessments. The final panel involved a multistakeholder discussion of the most important and practical next steps toward improving value measurement in the United States. The panel was moderated by Daniel Ollendorf, PhD, who was joined by 4 distinguished panelists, each representing a different perspective.

Importantly, individuals on the panel were representing themselves rather than their organizations. Although the discussion was wide-ranging, a significant proportion of time was spent answering 3 central questions: (1) If you could pick one of the novel value measures you heard about (or any others you are aware of that may be critically important and/or overlooked) for further development and use, which one would it be? (2) What other specific improvements in valuations and/or decision making using value measures do you see as most feasible in the short run and most important in the long run? and (3) What can each stakeholder do to help us move toward improvements in this area? Panelists answered these questions on the day of the summit and were also invited to reflect on these answers after the meeting. Their responses are presented in the sections that follow herein, organized by the 3 questions of interest.
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  • Instrument Development, Validation, & Translation
  • Patient-reported Outcomes & Quality of Life Outcomes
  • Pricing Policy & Schemes
  • Value Frameworks & Dossier Format
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