Health Utility Assessment Using EQ-5D among Caregivers of Children with Autism

Jul 1, 2013, 00:00 AM
Section Title : Patient-Reported Outcomes
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Health utility of caregivers of children with autism was assessed by using the EuroQol five-dimensional (EQ-5D) questionnaire. Utility scores of autism caregivers were compared with norms for the general adult US population. Predictors of health utility were identified.


A cross-sectional online survey design was used. Caregivers registered with the Interactive Autism Network were approached for participation in the online survey. Three hundred and sixteen usable responses were received. Health utility among caregivers was calculated and compared with the US population norms by using Student’s t test. Problems in EQ-5D questionnaire domains and utility scores were analyzed by study characteristics by using Kruskal-Wallis analysis of variance. Factors predicting health utility were identified by using ordinary least square regression.


Roughly 94% of the caregivers who participated in the study were females. As compared to their counterparts in the general US population, caregivers who were aged 18 to 44 years and were females had lower utility scores (P 0.001). Significant differences in utility scores were observed among caregivers. When compared to males, females had lower health utility. Caregivers of lower socioeconomic status had lower utility scores and reported more problems in EQ-5D questionnaire domains than did those from higher socioeconomic status. Caregiver burden was inversely correlated with health utility. Caregiver physical and mental health status, objective strain, education, and relationship with the care recipient were found to significantly predict health utility (adjusted R ~57%).


Autism caregivers had lower health utility than did the general adult US population. There is an immediate need to address health concerns among this growing population.
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