Economic Evaluations Alongside Effectiveness Trials

Dec 1, 2010, 00:00 AM
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Effectiveness is a concept central to Health Technology Assessment (HTA). Effectiveness is the measure of whether and how well an intervention works to mitigate disease and to enhance and extend human life in normal practice. Effectiveness is “the what” or the noun of HTA. In the current issue, Ridyard and Hughes have conducted an evaluation of how well researchers have studied costs within a selection of 100 primary research articles published in the British journal—Health Technology Assessment [1]. Their evaluation concerns “the how” of economic evaluation alongside clinical trials. They evaluated the methods and means of collecting, describing, and analyzing economic information. As a descriptive article concerning the methods of economic evaluations alongside clinical trials, this work will be useful for health outcomes researchers seeking to optimize the collection of economic information. Clearly, good research techniques serve to strengthen economic findings and make them more credible. But a potentially more important question, not addressed by Hughes, is whether a trial should lead to a companion economic evaluation.
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  • Best Research Practices
  • Cost-comparison, Effectiveness, Utility, Benefit Analysis
  • Economic Evaluation
  • Organizational Practices
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