A Survey of Knowledge on Diabetes in the Central Region of Thailand

Nov 1, 2009, 00:00 AM
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The objectives of this study were to evaluate the level of knowledge of diabetes among the Thai general population, identify areas of deficiency for targeted health education effort, and identify respondent characteristics that may be associated with knowledge of diabetes.


A survey involving 1000 respondents (age ≥ 15 years) was conducted in the central region of Thailand. A 42-item pre-tested questionnaire to assess general and specific knowledge of diabetes (e.g., risk factors, symptoms, treatment, etc.) was administered. Scores of 80%, and ≥80% were classified as “poor,” “fair,” and “good,” respectively, according to expert consensus.


Mean age of respondents was 33.8 years (SD 13.4), with 57.5% being female. Mean diabetes knowledge score was fair: 25.02 of 42 (59.6%), SD 8.35 (19.9%). Respondents performed best in the risk factor section: mean (%) score was 2.88 of 4 (72%), SD 1.11 (27.8%); and worst in the section on diabetes in women: mean (%) score was 0.82 of 3 (27.3%), SD 0.96 (32.0%). In multiple linear regression analyses, education level, older age, own self having diabetes, and having a family member/relative/friend with diabetes were significantly associated with knowledge of diabetes.


Knowledge of diabetes among the Thai respondents was fair. Areas of deficiency and factors associated with knowledge of diabetes were identified. Our findings would be useful in informing targeted health education programs.

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