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Model Constitution of an ISPOR Student Chapter

Model Constitution of an ISPOR Student Chapter

Article 1: Name

  1. The name of this organization should be the International Society of Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research Student Chapter at (name of academic institution), herein referred to as ISPOR-SC.

Article 2: Mission
The mission of the ISPOR-SC is to:

  1. Provide an environment where students can share knowledge in pharmacoeconomics and health outcomes research.
  2. Serve as a bridge in bringing together students interested in pharmacoeconomics and members of the pharmaceutical industry, health-related organizations, and academia.
  3. Act as a resource for new students interested in pharmacoeconomics and outcomes research.
  4. Provide an opportunity for student chapter members to become familiar with the affairs of ISPOR as well as have representation in its affairs.

Article 3: Affiliation

  1. This ISPOR-SC will maintain affiliation as a component chapter of the International Society of Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR).

Article 4: Membership
Active membership

  1. Membership should be open to any undergraduate or graduate student at any health-related academic institution.
  2. At least three of the officers will be ISPOR members.
  3. ISPOR-SC members are encouraged to be ISPOR student members.

Article 5: Organization

  1. The ISPOR-SC Executive Committee should have at least the following officers: President, President-elect, Secretary/Treasurer. The duties and responsibilities should be as defined in Article 7.
  2. ISPOR-SC Executive Committee members must be ISPOR Student Members.
  3. The active members of ISPOR-SC should elect the ISPOR-SC executive committee officers. Elections should be held in April of each year according to the rules and procedures outlined in Article 8.
  4. The ISPOR-SC executive officers should hold their respective positions for a term of one year, or for the remainder of a term when filling a vacancy.
  5. A faculty member will be asked to serve as the Faculty Advisor, and will oversee the activities of the student chapter. The Faculty Advisor should be a member of ISPOR.
  6. A person who is not in good academic standing in the academic institution should not be elected to hold an ISPOR-SC office.

Article 6: Procedures

  1. ISPOR-SC should be governed by this constitution.
  2. ISPOR-SC should be a recognized student organization of the academic institution.
  3. ISPOR-SC should hold general meetings during the academic year. Special executive meetings should be held at the discretion of the executive officers.
  4. Any member or officer of the ISPOR-SC may initiate a constitutional amendment. Procedures for amending this Constitution are outlined in Article 9.
  5. Each ISPOR-SC executive officer or member should exercise one vote. In the event of a tie, the Faculty Advisor should cast the deciding vote.

Article 7: Duties of Officers

Each officer should be elected for a term of one year.

The President of ISPOR-SC should:

  1. Connduct and preside over all meeting of ISPOR-SC.
  2. Represent ISPOR-SC when called upon to do so.
  3. Appoint an individual to any office that becomes vacant subject to the ISPOR-SC Executive Committee approval.
  4. The office of the President should be open to any active member of ISPOR-SC.
  5. Provide a report of activities and financial transaction to the ISPOR Board of Directors annually prior to the ISPOR Annual Meeting.

The President-elect of ISPOR-SC should:

  1. Succeed to the office of the President upon completion of a one-year term of President-elect.
  2. Conduct and preside over all meetings of ISPOR-SC in the absence of the President.
  3. Assist the President with the responsibilities of ISPOR-SC.
  4. The office should be open to any active member of ISPOR-SC.

The Secretary of ISPOR-SC should:

  1. Record the minutes of ISPOR-SC meetings. An official copy of the minutes should be kept in the ISPOR-SC records and a copy mailed to the ISPOR Executive Director at: ISPOR, 505 Lawrence Square Blvd. South, Lawrenceville NJ 08648 or email to:
  2. Handle ISPOR-SC correspondence as necessary.
  3. Be responsible for any financial transactions of ISPOR-SC.
  4. Keep and maintain the ISPOR-SC records
  5. Keep and make available to the members of ISPOR-SC and the ISPOR Board of Directors a record of all monies received and spent by ISPOR-SC.
  6. Report the financial status of ISPOR-SC at meetings.
  7. Assist the President in the preparation of an annual budget.
  8. Oversee the financial activities of ISPOR-SC.
  9. The office should be open to any active member of ISPOR-SC.

Article 8: Election Procedures

  1. The active members of ISPOR-SC should elect the ISPOR-SC executive officers.
  2. The ISPOR-SC Executive Committee (President, President-elect, and Secretary/Treasurer) should appoint an Election Committee.
  3. The Election Committee should solicit nominations. ISPOR-SC members may nominate other members or nominate themselves for any available office. All nominees should be informed about their nomination. If a nominee accepts the nomination, he/she should provide a brief description of him/herself.
  4. Elections should be held in April. Results should be determined by a count of ballots. In the event of a tie, the ISPOR-SC President will cast the deciding vote. The Election Committee should notify the winners of the election.
  5. The new ISPOR-SC President should inform the ISPOR Board of Directors of the newly elected officers. The names of the newly elected officers should be sent to the ISPOR office at

Article 9: Amendments

  1. Any active member or officer of ISPOR-SC may propose constitutional amendments.
  2. A proposed amendment to this or new Constitution should become binding after receiving a two-thirds majority of the total voting membership of ISPOR-SC.
  3. Any proposed amendment should be presented to the ISPOR Board of Directors for final approval.

Article 10: Indemnification

ISPOR-C will indemnify ISPOR from liability for injury or damage, cost or expense resulting from or which arises out of or in connection with the use by ISPOR-SC of the ISPOR name, logo, or arising from the relationship or affiliation between the parties.

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