How to Form an ISPOR Student Chapter

Form An ISPOR Student Chapter Flyer
Form An ISPOR Student Chapter Flyer

How to establish an ISPOR Student Chapter?
  • Complete the ISPOR Student Chapter Application
  • Send a letter addressed to the ISPOR Board of Directors to the ISPOR Executive Director, 505 Lawrence Square Blvd. South, Lawrenceville, NJ 08648.
  • Include with the letter the following information:
    • ISPOR Student Chapter permanent address including fax and telephone number
    • ISPOR Student Chapter constitution (Note: The constitution must contain the name of the chapter, objectives of the chapter, membership criteria, officers, and election/recall procedure for the officers. Click here for model Student Chapter Constitution.
    • ISPOR Student Chapter officers. (Note: At least three of the Student Chapter officers must be ISPOR Student members.). Include names, addresses, email addresses and officer positions
    • ISPOR Student Chapter Advisor including his/her address, and email address (Note: the Advisor must be an ISPOR member)
    • letter indicating that the ISPOR Student Chapter has approval for the educational institution.
  • The president of the Student Chapter must provide an annual report to the Board of Directors on March 1 of each year. The report should demonstrate continued conformance with criteria.

If you are interested in starting a student chapter at your university, please contact