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Chapter Activities

  • Chapter Activities

    Club of Magazines (Meeting of the whole chapter): 
    Every three weeks

    Monthly meetings that will discuss academic articles and / or real cases that can nurture the training and experience in Health Technologies throughout the student chapter. For the organization of the magazine club, a minimum of two members will be chosen who will prepare the presentation of an article or case selected by them. Once exposed, there will be an academic discussion around the presentation. At the end of each session the following presenters will be selected.

    Seed Meetings and Board of Directors of ISPOR Chapter CES: Every first week of every month

    The Board of Directors of the ISPOR CES University students chapter will have monthly meetings to verify compliance with the government plan, the short and medium term goals and the general direction of our mission and vision. It will also be a space for contributions, discussion and improvement of our work plan.

    Seminars and Review of the Topic (Meeting of the whole chapter): Every two weeks

    The Board of Directors of our chapter will promote the holding of monthly academic reviews of the topic in the field of Health Technologies in order to ensure that our members have a solid academic education in the subject.

    Conferences and / or forums with experts (Meeting of the whole chapter) 1 March 2017

    Scheduled meetings where we will have a guest from academia, the pharmaceutical industry, insurers, clinics and hospitals, patient organizations to discuss controversial and topical issues in pharmacoeconomics, health interventions, biomedical devices and information and communication technologies (ICT) . The organization of such events is the responsibility of the board of directors.

    Socialization of posters for congresses March 2017

    This meeting seeks to generate the space to know and present the posters that will be sent to the national and international congresses, in order to make them more competitive and of higher academic level. Also, its creators and exhibitors receive constructive criticism and prepare them for presentations at the congresses. These meetings will be held one month before each event.

    Meetings for new members. Every month

    Our student chapter will actively promote the realization of social activities in order to share our experiences, generate group cohesion and sense of belonging and attract new members 

About Chapter

Chapter Leadership
PresidentMaría Del Mar Arango Posada
Vice PresidentCatalina Posada
SecretaryAndrea Gonzalez Medina
Faculty AdvisorUriel Palacios Barahona

Chapter Mission Statement

CES University Student Chapter Mission Statement

Annual Reports

Annual Report 2017

Contact Information

ISPOR CES University Student Chapter Office
Dr. Alex Uriel Palacios
Calle 10A # 22-04
Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia 05001000

Tel/fax: 57 4 4440555 ext 1255
Established December 2016

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