The Oncology Outcomes Research Resources

The Oncology Outcomes Research Resources (OORR) provides relevant information and resources related to oncology outcomes research with three main areas of focus: oncology seminal articles and books; oncology databases and registries; oncology organizations.

Developed by the Oncology Outcomes Research Resources Working Group

Kathleen A. Foley, PhD, Director, Strategic Consulting, Healthcare, Thomson Reuters, Cambridge, MA, USA

Leadership Group:
Karina Berenson, MPH, Associate Director, Global Health Economics & Pricing, Covance, Gaithersburg, MD, USA
Tanyanika Douglas-Holland, MPH, Student, Emory University School of Public Health, Atlanta, GA, USA
Dominick Esposito, PhD, Senior Economist, Mathematica Policy Research, Inc., Princeton, NJ, USA
Shrividya Iyer, PhD, Director, Pfizer, Inc., New York, NY, USA
Rahul Khanna, MBA, PhD, Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Administration, University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy, Oxford, MS, USA
Francois Schubert, RPh, PharmD, MPH, MHA, General Manager & COO, Research Institute-McGill University Health Centre,
Montreal, QC, Canada

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